Anime Boston 2019 – Day 2

Right at the start of Day 2, when I went to pick some prints that got restocked, I discovered that I had dropped and lost my Charlie Card (MBTA travel pass; I also use this for my commutes to work). By some incredible fortune, I headed to the Lost & Found and the security guard actually had my card. I don’t know who picked it up but thank you to whoever it is for not taking the card for themselves and leaving it at the Lost & Found.

Funimation Industry Panel

Was only able to stay for a couple of minutes for this panel but for the time I was there, there was no crazy news and after checking online, I don’t think I missed much. Shot in the dark but I was hoping I’d get to hear when Funimation will release Restaurant to Another World on Blu-Ray. Seriously, when is it?!

It’s been a couple years since I was able to attend an industry panel but I don’t know why the two I’ve gone to this AB haven’t had much for excitement. Maybe it’s a slow period for these companies?

Pokemon Trivia with Tara Sands

This was a fun panel to attend to, especially since most guest panels are usually Q&A driven. It’s pretty fitting too since Tara Sands did voice work for Pokemon, most notably as the dub voice for Bulbasaur. I must admit that it was chaotic though. There were no buzzers for the contestants to use which created confusion on who gets to answer. Everyone in the audience gets to participate which I think is great when none of the contestants know the answer but it did create too much energy in the room. Also, I’d hate to say but it was becoming clear that the people in the audience knew Pokemon trivia more than the contestants who volunteered (one of the contestants though was a kid so again, I really don’t want to harp on this too much).

At the end of the day though, this is just a fun event with no real competitive stakes. Props to Tara Sands for picking some incredibly tricky questions too. Seriously, the first question she asked was what the four battlefields were used in the Indigo League in the Pokemon anime. Obviously, some of you must know the answer at the top of your head but my God, that really sets in what difficulty the trivia game is set to.


Yeah, I browsed the alleys again. This time, I did it more with friends (one of whom who may or may not have been disappointed with the Code Geass premiere at the con).

I was really only planning on getting those art prints I mentioned earlier since they ran out of stock yesterday but because I’m a stinking idiot, I splurged again! Hell, I even bought the most expensive and biggest figurine I’ve ever bought in my life. I’ll save the reveal for later but let’s just say it relates to a certain “boring” girlfriend type of character. Again, I want to save the haul for when it is 100% done so I’ll share everything tomorrow. Some of the items I may share in more detail its own unboxing posts since they’d be probably be fun to show off.

By the way, it was raining today. I knew that in advance, hence why I declared yesterday that I was done with shopping. Who really wants to carry their waifu statue in the rain? Well…that’s what I had to do today. No joke, a friend of mine let me use his umbrella to keep the box from getting wet and later, I decided to cover the box with my jacket instead. It worked out but maybe for next year, I should have something better than that.

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