Anime Boston 2019 – Day 3


*sigh* The last day. Well, there’s always next year. Maybe there’s other New England cons I could go to…

Video Games Room


I don’t go to the Video Games Room very often during AB. As someone who loves games, I’d rather play them now at any given moment rather than wait in line. I was curious if it’s changed since I’ve last been there and it most certainly has. Arcade rhythm games and fighting games are still present but gone at any type of shooters and new are these tents hosting VR games such as Beat Saber.

Obviously, I didn’t get to play anything because again, it’s a lot of waiting in line and that’s just not my thing. It looked cool though.

Voice Actor Round Table

Pretty much the only event I wanted to attend today. I attended a Voice Actor Round Table back in 2016 and to me, this felt like a great way to cap off my time at Anime Boston. I wasn’t able to do attend it for the past two years for college-related reasons so it’s nice to come back to it again. Somewhat annoying though is that the panel was hit with a delay, starting 20 minutes after its official start time. I can only assume that this was due to the staff not getting all the actors into the panel room on time. As compensation though, the panel ran a little overtime so I appreciate that at least.

This year, the panel starred Johnny Yong Bosch, Kara Edwards, Tara Sands, Leah Clark, and Lisa Ortiz and it was a lot of fun watching the five of them bounce off each other and share the spotlight together. Some questions were pretty insane though. Like, one that really stood out to me was asking the VAs who’d make a great replacement for their roles on the chance they die in a freak accident. Not sure if that’s the most polite thing to ask but it was undeniably something (Tara Sands actually gave a legit answer which was pretty funny). My favorite part though was hearing the actors talk about how much exposure their work gets now. All five of them have been in the business for about 20 years, before the internet and the social medias blown up. It’s crazy to think that back then, voice actors were working in a bubble and wouldn’t necessarily know that they have fans. How things have changed.

The Haul

This is easily the fanciest convention haul I’ve ever done. Having a job with decent income will do that to you. I’d rather not give a number so let’s just say I’ve spent enough. Also, I’ll probably do some individual unboxing posts for some of these items.


Comic Girls – Kaoruko “Kaos” Moeka” Nendoroid by Good Smile Company. I intend to have her look all sad so that I feel sad. We’ll panic together, damn it.

Fate/Grand Order – Saint Martha (Swimsuit Ruler) EXQ Figure by Banpresto. I hate Fate but I do love some of their character designs. Saint Martha happens to be one of them.

Love Live Sunshine – Kanan Matsuura (Wetsuit Version) Figure by Alter. Kanan is slowly becoming the Sunshine equivalent of Kotori. Can’t resist merch/art of her.


Saekano: How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend – Megumi Kato (Bunnygirl Outfit). The biggest and most expensive figure I’ve ever bought. No regrets because it’s Megumi Kato.

You know…I just realized how pervy these figure pickups are…oh well!


Kirby-themed planetarium. I was going to get a Kirby-themed lamb but then I saw the same vendor had this.


Laid-Back Camp – Rin Shima Acrylic Keychain. I would kill for a Shimarin figure but I couldn’t find one at the Dealer’s Alley. Someone point me in the right direction!


Mitsuboshi Colors on Blu-Ray. Sentai Filmworks were selling copies a week before this officially releases.

SAM_2509 (2)

Some prints by moorina. Pictured is the Bunny Girl Senpai one but I also bought ones of Princess Peach and Princess Zelda. I just didn’t feel like taking pictures of each one. And really, I encourage visitors to check out these artists’ links anyway because seriously, their art is fantastic.

SAM_2513 (3)

Some prints by hitsu. Pictured is the Laid-Back Camp one but I also bought ones of Bunny Girl Senpai (I think I have a weakness for Mai…) and Blend S.

SAM_2517 (2)

Some prints by DanDingeroz. Pictured is the Cowboy Bebop one but I also bought ones of Sailor MoonThe Last of Us, and Kirby.

Thanks for reading!

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