RobiHachi – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Oh yeah, I should probably get these First Impressions done…

Comedy is a very subjective attribute. Either you find something funny or you don’t and there’s only so many ways you can explain that is either case. For example, I think the first three seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants is comedy gold but I’ve met plenty of people who don’t. And sure, I don’t talk to some of those people as much anymore…but that’s besides the point.

Anyway, I bring this up because I’ve noticed a pretty divisive consensus brewing for RobiHachi. Someone are saying it’s a riot. Others don’t find it all that funny. Obviously, opinions will most likely evolve over the course of the entire cour but this kind of divide early on really doesn’t bode well for the show?

Where do I personally stand on this show? Well, to be honest, I find myself sort in the middle. I’ll start off by saying this: RobiHachi has all the essential parts for what could be a great comedy. Robbie (Kazuya Nakai) constantly fails with his get rich quick schemes. His latest loan shark Yan (Tomokazu Sugita) hires Hatchi (Keisuke Koumoto) to capture him. When Robbie makes a daring escape (because go figure, his apartment is actually a spaceship), Hatchi sides with him because he just wants his life to be unpredictable. And then, they find out they have spacecraft that can also combine into a Megazord because why not. Did I forget to mention they have a rabbit robot with them? They have a rabbit robot with them.

And yet, not a lot of this really clicked for me. I kind of like how RobiHachi treats some aspects as normal like with the rabbit robot character and the apartment revealing itself as a spaceship. That kind of grounded tone can actually sell the absurdism even more. At same time though, if you’ve seen a lot of comedies before, you could probably predict a lot of what’s going to happen. Maybe I’ve seen too much Power Rangers but I immediately knew that those spaceships could transform and combined minutes before they could. That’s not a great sign for a comedy erring on the side of unpredictability. As for the characters, they’re hit or miss. I can see someone finding Robbie a laughable protagonist but for whatever reason, I just found him annoying. Maybe he needs to get subjected to more slapstick and then I’ll find him funny. Hatchi was a little more appealing though; there’s potential to how he’s going along with Robbie’s antics simply because he’s bored and wants a change of pace.

I’d say try RobiHachi for an episode and decide for yourself. I say that this show was hit or miss but for all I know, you could find this a riot. As for myself, I think I’ll just wait and see what others have to say about this show. If people really adamantly say it’s gotten funnier, then I may come back to it.

Thanks for reading!

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