Wise Man’s Grandchild – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Oh good. Another isekai anime.

Let’s just cut to the chase before another tangent on the isekai genre kicks in. What is the gimmick this time around? I’m glad you asked because Wise Man’s Granchild main appeal is the fact that it’s protagonist is an idiot. His step grandfather, Merlin (Yusaku Yara/R. Bruce Elliot), forgot to teach him common sense…and that’s it…We’re just scraping the barrel now, aren’t we?

Is the concept at least entertaining? I’m assuming that on paper, Shin (Yuusuke Kobayashi/Daman Mills) is meant to be like Goku. He’s amazing at fighting (in this case, it’s magic) but everything else, he’s hopeless unless someone is there to reel him in. That would be fine and all but there’s some logistics in Wise Man’s Grandchild that don’t add up. As funny as it was to see everyone in Shin’s surrogate family stunned at how poorly Merlin has raised Shin, did no one pay attention to his growth throughout the years? Surely, they’ve visited Merlin and Shin enough times to pick up something, anything. And likewise, it was also kind of funny how Shin had no clue that members of his inner circle are royalty but then you’re left wondering why no one ever bothered to tell him those facts. What, did it just slip these people’s minds? It’s looking like Shin and Merlin aren’t the only ones who neglected some sense.

The characters don’t really do much for me but in their defense, the writing in this premiere is really clumsy. A lot of Shin’s relationships is told solely through exposition. Hell, half of the people he supposedly has a meaningful connection with are shoehorned into the story. They show up during his 15th birthday, act like they’ve known him for so long, and exposition is used to fill in the blanks. It’s really shallow. I mean, how am I supposed to believe that the King, for example, sees Shin as a nephew when he just appeared into existence and talks about how close he is with the kid?

The one saving grace I can think of is perhaps Merlin and his ex-wife and Shin’s grandmother, Melida (Gara Takashima/Cynthia Cranz). I like how modestly they live their lives despite apparently being two of the most famous heroes in the land. Also, despite their marital separation, they’re willing to work together for Shin’s sake. A shame then that these two will probably get sidelined in favor as cute girls inevitably flock to Shin. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s already started at the end of this episode.

As someone who’s waiting for the isekai bubble to burst, Wise Man’s Grandchild really doesn’t do much for me so this first episode is it for me. Maybe if you’re a fan of the genre, this might be worth trying but frankly, there’s been better series to have come out recently. I’m not a fan of these shows but to imagine someone favoring this over That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime or The Rising of the Shield Hero seems kind of unlikely.

English Dub Comments

Great, I had to watch this episode twice. It’s a competent dub at least with everyone suiting the roles they’ve been cast, especially R. Bruce Elliot as Merlin Wolford and Cynthia Cranz as Melida. If English is your first language though, you may find the droning amounts of exposition even more intolerable. That’s not a knack against any of the actors or ADR script writers. It’s clear that the script is just that clunky to begin with.

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