Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – June 2019 Edition

So I didn’t do much last month…whoops. Long story short: I kind of needed a semi-break. Getting hired full time and all the blogging from February to April made me hit burnout. Add onto work still keeping me busy and tired and well, I just didn’t have the time and energy to write a couple dozen posts like I normally do. I know slumps like this happen but eh, I still feel pretty bad about it. 

I’m still busy with work for the first two weeks of June but slowly, I want to be more active with blogging. And by June 15, the start of my vacation, I should be back in the full of swings. Below are what I’d like to do for this month or in the foreseeable future. Not concrete plans (Lord knows I suck at those) but definitely my hopes and dreams for the blog.

Spring 2019 Coverage

First of all, I’m still dedicated to covering Fruits Basket (2019). It’s just been tough to find the time and energy for it and because I care so much about this property, I’m a lot more conscious about how I blog about it than I usually am with anime in general. Fortunately, the show is on a brief hiatus too due to broadcasts of the French Open in Japan so I’m hoping to finally be all caught up in the meantime. If I fail, it won’t be the end of the world…but it will suck.

Part of me kind of wishes I covered more than just Fruits Basket and I’ve considered covering one other show once it finishes airing and post en masse. Not sure what show that would be though nor if I’ll necessarily follow through on this crazy idea…

As for Dororo (2019), I honestly don’t know what to do with this show. I dig it enough to keep covering it but this late into the season, it would be much easier to just binge it and call it a day. And not that I care about stats but I do recall my episode reviews for the show doing very little for my blog. If anyone still wants me to give my two cents though, let me know. Maybe that’ll tide me over to resuming coverage.

Finally, I will try to finish updating some of my First Impressions with impressions on their respective English dubs. I did two early last month but again, it got tricky getting around to more of them. These updates don’t do much in terms of stats but it is nice writing them after not writing any the past Fall and Winter and they do make the posts feel little more complete in my eyes. Since I started, I might as well finish it.

Series Reviews

I’d like to write series reviews for some of the Spring 2019 anime once they finish airing. Maybe I’ll actually fulfill this dream for once since I’ll have time and I’m not covering much on an episodic basis.

Summer 2019 Coverage

The Season Preview is scheduled for June 15th. I…don’t have high hopes for that season. Guess that’s 2019 in a nutshell.

Which kind of brings me to the subject of Episode Reviews. We’ll see how the season actually fares but while I’ll likely have more free time in July and August, I don’t know if I’ll cover up to five shows again if interest is low across the board. I guess I could force myself into reviewing something (I’ve done it before with some shows) but where’s the fun in that?

School-Live! Episode Reviews

I’ve put plenty of stuff on hold but this one especially makes me disappointed in myself. In hindsight, I really should’ve saved the first poll for later in the year but no, I had to learn my limits the hard way again. I don’t know how many of you are still interested but a deal is a deal and I aim to keep my end of my bargain. While I prefer a weekly output, this project has been on hold for long enough so I’ll try to get posts out 1-3 days apart from each other.

Tell Xeno What to Watch #2 Poll

Provided that I’m 6-8 episodes in School-Live! by then, the second “Tell Xeno What to Watch” Poll (that’s what I’m calling it now) will be up on June 24 and end on June 28. Assuming all goes according to plan, I can start covering the winner right when Summer 2019 starts. The poll will be comprised of the two runners up from Poll #1 — Yuki Yuna is a Hero (Season 1) and Flip Flappers — and two new candidates that I’ll reveal when the poll is posted.

Episode Re-Reviews

Not necessarily going to happen in June but it’s worth bringing up again. At some point, I’d like to go back to certain anime and re-review them episodically. The big reason behind this endeavor is that I feel my thoughts on these shows could’ve been a lot more fleshed out or better articulated so I’d like a do-over. The old posts will still be around (just uncategorized and untagged at best) but the new ones will better be what I want to represent my blog and opinions.

Here’s what I’m planning on re-reviewing:

  1. Princess Principal
  2. Made in Abyss
  3. Girls’ Last Tour
  4. Laid-Back Camp
  5. Revue Starlight

I actually already started with Princess Principal but it’s been on hold for months now. Every once in a while, I chip away at the rest but I still haven’t felt like they’re to my satisfaction so they’re done when they’re done. That said, there’s two things I’m debating about:

  • Should I post these reviews in the order they originally aired or in the order they appear on the Blu-Ray? I’m leaning towards the former since that’s how I originally experienced the show but the latter might be better for long term traffic.
  • How quickly should these reviews be posted once they’re all done? I currently plan on posting one per day but I have considered posting them all at once so that people could just read them back to back.

If anyone has a preference on either issue, let me know. I’m all ears.

Moving Stuff Into Private and (Maybe) Some Out of Private

I don’t really like moving my writings to Private but I have done it with a bunch of posts last year. My reasoning behind that is that I never liked how stress and scatterbrained I was during my first year of blogging and I want to be comfortable about what I leave out for others to see. Right now, there’s some more old posts I’m thinking of purging and there’s some that I actually want to make public again. Just something I’m letting be known for transparency’s sake.

Anime Archive

That hub has not enjoyed much upkeep these past few months. I definitely need to fix that. While I’m at it, I’ll create “Miscellaneous” page. This will list links to Episode Reviews of shows I didn’t finish covering for one reason or another or completed stuff that I’m not too proud but would still like people to access. Some shows included are Ancient Magus’ Bride, March Comes in Like a LionAngels of Death, Just Because!, Island, and The Quintessential Quintuplets.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – June 2019 Edition

  1. Skip the poll and just watch/review YuYuYu already! 🙂 🙂

    For PriPri – why not both? Review ’em in airing order – but provide links to navigate through them in BD order. (Or vice versa.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little tempted to just watch YuYuYu (the poll would still decide if reviewing it would be worthwhile).

      Good suggestion on PriPri. Maybe for the archive page, I’ll write with an asterisk the BD order. What would really be nice if I could write in HTML the ability to toggle between broadcast and BD orders. A shame that’s either too fancy for HTML or I’m not that good with HTML to begin with :l

      Liked by 1 person

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