Dr. Stone – Ep. 2 (Quickie)

Expect some of the next posts to be Quickies. I try my best to save this format as a last resort but I’ve fallen so behind that this seems like the best course of action. I’m also currently playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses and I’m liking that game so much that I’m having a hard time putting my Switch down…in my defense, this blog isn’t my job. Hope you’ll bear with me.

Anyway, here’s some brief thoughts on Dr. Stone:

  • I was really hoping that the show would actually reanimate Yuzuriha. It really needs to establish her character more properly. Much to my chagrin, that’s apparently something the show decided to procrastinate on.
    • I also have to wonder if they even have another batch of the cure ready. The Polyjuice Potion takes less time to make!
  • Reanimating a teenage martial artists to fight a bunch of lions is really, really dumb. In a show that’s already very loose with logic, I had a hard time buying Tsukasa (Yuichi Nakamura) punching wild animals unscathed.
  • So if Senku is the brains and Taiju is the brawn, I guess Tsukasa is the even bigger brawn? It feels a little unbalanced if you ask me. To be fair, I think Tsukasa sticking out like a sore thumb is the point.
  • Not that I expected these guys to have factory made soap at their disposal but how come it only crossed Senku’s mind to make soap now? He’s had Taiju for how long now?
    • Was Senku ever sick during his time alone? Surely, there must be some new diseases his body isn’t immune to.
    • Also gross, I now have to think how smelly these guys must be.
  • Can’t say I’m surprised Tsukasa is being built up as the antagonist of Dr. Stone (or presumably, the first arc or so at least). He already looked the part.
  • I kind of like his mindset though. As one of the few people alive, he thinks he has the right to decide who should be reintegrated into society. More specifically, he wants to rid the world of corrupted adults. That Senku opposes him doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s a man of science, not philosophy, and perhaps he’d argue that there’s no easy way of telling who’s pure or rotten anyway.
    •  That said, I feel a lot of the nuisance just doesn’t come to surface when such spouting is from a teenager so freakishly strong that he can punch lions.

I’m starting to feel a little torn with Dr. Stone. Not that complete realism is a must but all these stretches of logic is starting to pile up and wear thin for me. I’ll at least watch the third episode before I make a final decision.

Thanks for reading!

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