If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord – Ep. 2

When I first watched UchiMusume, I had no idea how the light novel ends. Now I do and while I won’t spoil it here, I will say no…just…no.

That does leave the prospect of watching the anime adaptation in an awkward spot. Dare I keep watching when I know it’s going towards a conclusion I will very likely dislike? The smart thing would be to drop the show entirely. But I don’t know, it sounds a little unfair to me. I’d rather be done with a show for pissing me off in the now rather than how it might.

And right now, the show is still enjoyable. It’s fluff but it’s decently executed fluff. It’s hard to deny that Latina is quite the star. No matter how much mugging she might do for the frame, her innocence and curiosity are still adorable. I mean this: STOP BEING ADORABLE. I kind of wish I could say the same about Dale though. To be frank, I was really baffled with how quickly he has become a dad. It’s only been like a day or two and he already gawks at his daughter like he’s been doing this years. All that doubt over whether or not he can pull off being a parent is seemingly gone. Now, Dale is a doting dad and a pretty grating one at that.

I suppose I should be a little content that Dale isn’t present for much of the episode. For the most part, you actually see Latina win the hearts of everyone else. I especially enjoyed her bonding with Kenneth and Rita, the owners of the restaurant where Dale rents a room at. Those two are practically becoming family for Latina just as much as Dale.

Perhaps the more important development though is Latina meeting some other kids during a scene where she gets lost. Since school has apparently not crossed Dale’s mind, this is a good way for Latina to make some friends. It’s a pretty standard group of characters — the shy one, the annoying one, the complicit one, and the girl — but I can see it working well with Latina’s personality. I am little curious how these kids would react when they find out Latina is a demon. Sooner or later, that’s going to happen and one has to wonder if they’d feel any different about her after finding out. I did hear the show does touch upon discrimination so I hope it’s soon. Any hint towards such a theme is so buried in these early episodes that it’s hard to tell.

The thing I enjoyed the most was seeing Latina deal with the loss of her biological father. I thought for sure the show would sweep that under the rug in favor of all the moe mugging but I’ll be darned, there’s still some lingering feelings there. And I won’t lie, seeing Latina choke up when Dale teaches her to say “rainbow” because it’s something she and her father connected over was really, really touching. I just wish the show would actually show the father’s face. Apart from not wanting to draw it, why not show the man looks like? Surely, he looks better than all those extras at the pub (seriously, why do they look sketchy?).

I honestly don’t know what to do here. This show isn’t perfect and the purported ending of the story is not something I’m willing to agree with. That said, the journey is decently put together so maybe it’ll be like Domestic Girlfriend where I enjoy it before the it jumps the shark.

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