High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Oh good, another isekai anime.

True to its title, this anime is about high school prodigies who have it easy despite being in another world. Perhaps they have it a bit too easily though. I mean, the problem isn’t that these characters are insanely talent in their respective professions but rather that their talents make their predicament look pedestrian. A bunch of medieval soldiers and nobles hardly seem like a challenge when Tsukasa (Yusuke Kobayashi) is the prime minister of Japan and our world’s best samurai and a ninja/journalist(?) has his back. The possibility of magic feels less special when the magician in the team, Akatsuki (Shizuka Ishigami), is basically shota Mysterio. Add on the best doctor, businessman, and mechanic and you have a team that’s frankly overqualified for their quest of changing the world. The show does establish a legend/prophecy of seven heroes fighting an evil dragon but until then, it seems like these prodigies really will have it easy. Talk about “exciting”.

And as for the characters themselves…what, characters?

The premise isn’t the only thing that feels implausible to me. Far too often in the first episode, the script feels contrived. All the prodigies just so happen to be boarding the same plane that inevitably crash lands into another world. Maybe it’ll be like Lost where everyone has their own reasons for being there and the coincidence is purposeful but it frankly feels more likely that the writer(s) just didn’t care. Some of the exposition feels unnatural due to a one month timeskip where the characters should already be in the know by that point. Ringo (Rina Hidaka), the mechanic, gets everyone’s phones reconnected to the internet despite the fact that the internet doesn’t exist in this fantasy world. One of the villagers, Lyrule (Yuki Kuwahara), is the only elf in a village full of beast people but this oddity is brought up by no one, even when Tsukasa starts asking about why the villagers have animal ears and tails. Lyrule also has this one awkward scene where she feeds Tsukasa some food via french kissing. This would be fine were it not for it being these two’s first interaction with each other, a point where no romance could believably blossom. Even by isekai standards, this entire setup feels half-assed.

Frankly, this is the weakest isekai anime premiere I’ve seen this season and that actually is saying something since a lot of its contemporaries have made decent first impressions. I’ll occasionally glance at others are saying but it wouldn’t surprise me if even fans of the genre devote their attention elsewhere.

Thanks for reading!

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