Outburst Dreamer Boys – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

I’m actually surprised Outburst Dreamer Boys fell completely under the radar when I was previewing the Fall season. I like the chunibyo character trope (because I sure as hell didn’t grow up) and a reverse harem surrounding it sounds humorous enough. Perhaps it didn’t help that the English title uses something vague like “outburst” or “dreamer”. We’re at a point where you can just put “isekai” in even the English name of your isekai anime. Using “chunibyo” is probably fine.

Anyway, the plot goes like this: Mizuki Hijiri (Chinatsu Akasaki) is a transfer student who just wants to make friends at her new school. Be it a stroke of luck or pure misfortune, she becomes acquainted with a club full of boys with delusions of grandeur, all because she walks in Day 1 with an eye patch (the #1 symbol for chunibyo). As you can imagine, hijinks will ensue.

I do question the longevity of the show’s comedy. Thing is, every boy is a walking archetype. Yamato (Daiki Yamashita) is a tokusatsu fan who’s convinced he’s a superhero. Kazuhiro (Hideaki Kabumoto) thinks he’s of demonic origin. Tomoki (Shuugo Nakamura) worships his 2D waifu. Rei (Junya Enoki) is allegedly trying to put Mizuki in harm’s way, perhaps perceiving her as some threat that must be eliminated. Admittedly, these boys are perfectly chunibyo and are the kinds of characters you’d want in this plot. It’s whether or not they’ll be funny all cour long that concerns me.

Longevity or not, the premiere at least is consistently humorous. I doubt creative wit is the name of the game but the jokes here are so numerous and so over the top that, more often than not, they stick the landing. I particularly take a liking to Yamato. His desire to help others and obsession with being heroic are at perfect odds with each other, causing him to do more harm than good despite meaning well. Case in point, in this episode, he folds and flies multiple airplanes with a message asking everyone to be Mizuki’s friend; it’s so ridiculous that of course it backfires. Mizuki is also solid as the straight man in the cast, acting perplexed, annoyed, and even exhausted with the colorful personalities of everyone else.

I’ll see if subsequent episodes can maintain the momentum but for what it’s worth, the premiere is one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve seen this Fall season.

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