Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Oh good, another isekai anime.

But wait, this is also a CGDCT anime? I’m so conflicted right now!

Joking aside, how is this show? Didn’t I say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! (which will now be referred to as a Noukin for my sake) is about Mile (Azumi Waki), a smart, young girl who, upon getting isekaied by Truck-kun, decides she wants to be an average person in her next life. For whatever reason, God didn’t catch her drift and decides to put her right in the middle of the fantasy world’s power level scale, where the strongest magical creature is a stinking dragon. As a result and much to her chagrin, Mile still has a very high magical aptitude. I want to say this is a clever play on how isekai protagonists are, on average, pretty powerful…but I also think I’d be giving this show too much credit.

The plot does have potential though. I like the conundrum that it presents. As a prodigy in her old life, Mile dealt with high expectations and struggled to make friends. Her desire to be average and frustration that it has backfired on her is understandable, something the viewer can maybe relate with. On top of that, the door for comedy is still open. And sure enough, it is funny seeing her get embarrassed when she has to use her powers, afraid that such an impressive display will ostracize from a circle again. Obviously, she will make friends, specifically with the three other girls introduced in this episode, but that does leave a possibly compelling question for the show to explore. Are Mile’s powers the problem or is it maybe her own insecurity that’s preventing her from having friends? Admittedly, the show is just as likely to crank out nothing but goofs instead…but I can dream, can I?

Other than that, and not to be punny or anything, Noukin feels pretty average in general. I don’t mean that in a qualitative sense (for now) but rather that the show just feels typical of either isekai of CGDCT. The fantasy setting of the former and the cutesy character designs and low stakes of the latter are all very much present here. All of Mile’s co-stars are characters you’ve seen in either genre – the tomboyish lady knight, the hot tempered mage/rival character, the kind-hearted healer. Mile definitely stands out the most but even then, I could do without her doing the usual acknowledging the tropes or cliches that are being used. Far too many isekai anime, or maybe even just anime in general, has done this routine. It’s starting to get old.

Overall, Noukin looks fine. It’s maybe not as original or clever as it probably wants to be but the premiere has its moments and regardless if it is a stretch, the premise does have potential. The main obstacle it might face is competition. Both the CGDCT and surprisingly the isekai genres have plenty of shows that look promising this season. Can Noukin stand out as the cream of crop? We shall see.

Thanks for reading!

Watch Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life? on Crunchyroll. 

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