Actors: Songs Connection – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Vocaloid sure has a strange presence in anime. You’d think mascot characters such as Hatsune Miku would star in a show but it’s generally been the songs created with the software that becomes the source materials. Like, did you know that this season’s Outburst Dreamer Boys is based on a light novel based on a Vocaloid song? I sure didn’t. Before that, we had Black Rock Shooter (which I remembered liking) and Mekakucity Actors (which I haven’t seen). Oh and the anime we’re discussing here, Actors: Songs Connection? It’s also based on Vocaloid songs. Strange how this all works.

“Based on Vocaloid songs” happens to also sum up this show in a nutshell. Well, that and the fact this stars a lot of boys. That’s honestly it as far as synopsis goes. There’s boys…they sing Vocaloid stuff. Frankly, I find the Vocaloid roots a bit distracting. Shows such as Black Rock Shooters or Outburst Dreamer Boys expand on the stories within the songs they’re based on so the Vocaloid association is ultimately just fun trivia for the viewer. Here though, the characters frequently mention that they are singing songs originally produced with the software. They hammer in that fact so much that it starts to feel like they got paid to shill out a Vocaloid sponsor. Not only does it feel comical, it also kind of pulls you out of the immersion of the show.

You know what will throw you off even more though? GHOSTS! I’m not making this up. this show establishes that Saku (Gakuto Kajiwara), the main face of this story, can see ghosts or “white shadows” as he puts it. What do they have to do with high school boys singing Vocaloid songs? Who knows! The implication is that this ability has to do with his sister who is terminally ill with vague anime disease but even so, does this show really need this element? Plenty of music anime have proven that you just need the music (and appealing character designs) to hook your audience in. Even if look at the ghosts for what they are, their presence isn’t even crazy in a fun way. They’re just there. Nothing else.

While I will admit that I am awfully curious how ghosts and Vocaloids can fit in one package, this first episode is the end of the road for me. Take those elements away and we’re looking at a very average school club anime. Maybe if I hear positive buzz about later episodes, I’ll reconsider though I have a feeling that this anime will likely fall off to the wayside.

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