Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – November 2019 Edition

October was decent. I wish I posted more frequently and faster but it felt nice to de-rust a little after putting blogging on hold during September. So long as I can improve on this pace in any extent, I’m content.

Anyway, this is going to be a very, very detailed rundown on what I’m aiming to do as of the start of this month. I really want to make this month count so I put a lot of thought into this (watch me screw up anyway…). I also tried writing some parts in bullet points; I wanted to give myself an easier time with writing these kinds of posts.

Upcoming Posts

Eh, let’s not assign dates to anything just yet.

General Seasonal Coverage

  • I am going to do a Final Rankings post for the Summer 2019 season. Like with what happened to Spring, life got in the way towards the end of the season so I haven’t been able to binge watch anything to completion until recently. It’ll still happen though; the show must gone.
  • As you may have noticed, I’m still writing First Impressions for the Fall 2019 anime. I actually have drafts for almost all the ones I have left to write but something kept coming up that stalls me from finishing them — work, sleep, sickness, catching up on My Hero Academia with my brother (that last one is 100% on me). Assuming nothing gets in my way from, I should have all the First Impressions I wanted to write posted in the next few days. No one seems to have minded the slow pace and I really appreciate that no one does but still, I apologize. Hopefully, I’ll get less rusty and balance life and the blog better the next season or two.
  • I’m 50-50 on whether or not I’ll do a Midseason Rankings for Fall 2019. Being a week late with Summer 2019’s respective post irked me and this season, I’m pretty behind on just about everything. I suppose it’ll depend on how much I want to watch and how well I can catch up. It would suck to not write one but if that ends up being the case, no big deal.

Episode Reviews

  • As of when I’m writing this, I actually haven’t watched any current anime past the first episode so it’s mostly fair game as far as what gets covered in Episode Reviews. When I start catching up, I’ll probably be using the bullet point format a lot. I tried avoiding it when playing catch-up in Summer 2019 and it didn’t work in my favor so I’m going to take that lesson to heart. Writing in bullet points isn’t my favorite way to write but no one has ever minded it and I’ll admit that I tend to feel less bothered when I revisit posts written this way.
  • I’ve yet to start We Never Learn Season 2 and I still want to write Episode Reviews for Season 1 before I get to the former. Ideally, I wanted to cover Season 1 before Fall started but as per usual, life got in the way. I’m running late here but I don’t want to chicken out and write a series review either. I’d feel more happy with myself if I did it my way.
  • Once I play enough catch-up with We Never Learn, I will finish the Fruits Basket reviews. There’s no rush since Season 2’s premiere is TBD but I’d prefer to get Season 1 out of the way on the chance I’ll do a Top 20 Anime of 2019 post.
  • My Hero Academia Season 4 is really tempting…but I didn’t cover Season 3 in its entirety and something about having a 23 episode gap between posts feels really awkward to me. If no one cares though, maybe I’ll do it?
  • I mentioned a bunch of other shows up for consideration in the last Hopes and Dreams post but right now, they’re really, really big maybes. I’m considering making December a special Catch Up month where I tackle the backlog but whether or not that happens depends on how well November goes.

School-Live!, YuYuYu, and the Polls that Were Meant to Be

  • I ran dangerously close to putting the School-Live! reviews on hold again (fml). Don’t worry, they’re resuming right after the Fall First Impressions are done and I’ll finally progress through them on a semi-weekly to weekly basis. To anyone who’s been following them, thank you for waiting.
  • I did say I might do Yuki Yuna is a Hero after School-Live! is finished and I stand by that it’s still a possibility. It really depends on how much is left in the year when I finish School-Live! or how busy Winter 2020 is looking. To reiterate, if I go ahead with YuYuYu (I still can’t believe that’s the abbreviation), I’d only be covering the first season for the time being. If I like it enough, I’ll consider any subsequent material.
  • Reviewing Neon Genesis Evangelion has been “shelved” for the time being. It’s been on Netflix for months now and the excitement has fizzled out so I missed my chance. I’d still like to watch the show.
  • Polls are still on indefinite hold until I achieve the time management skills that I desire. That said, I do have a shortlist of shows I’d hypothetically put in.


  • After the Fall First Impressions are done, I’ll begin resuming work on my Princess Principal episode re-reviews. To reiterate, I plan on posting them all on the same day. The posts I did manage to do already (Eps. 1-3) will be re-dated forward to said day and may also receive slight revisions if I think of/learn anything more about them. My ideal window is the end of this month or early December but I won’t make any guarantees. And if I still don’t get them done…sue me…please don’t, actually.
  • After Princess Principal is Laid-Back Camp. A big reason I want to be done with PriPri in November is so I can get to Laid-Back Camp in December, just in time for the Room Camp premiere in January.
  • Made in Abyss will still get re-reviewed. The only reason I don’t bring it up often and haven’t given a time frame is because I’m holding out until Season 2 is on the horizon. Right now, Season 2 has no set date.
  • Restaurant to Another World is coming out on Blu-ray here in two days. Took you long enough, Funimation. I remember my reviews for that show being alright so I’d like a do-over…but PriPri comes first. If I’m unable to get around to it this month and the next, I won’t even bother.
  • I’ve expressed interest in re-reviewing Girls’ Last Tour in the past but honestly, my window of opportunity has long passed. The dub and Blu-ray has been out for months and I doubt there’s a second season for me to prepare for. Maybe someday, the redo will happen but for now, I think I have to bury the hatchet.
  • Most likely, Made in Abyss will be the end of the re-reviews. There’s plenty of shows I wish I could’ve blogged about better but I never intended to re-review too many things and I’ve learned the hard way that I lack the time to sees this prospect to fruition. But as always, it depends on the anime, if I love it enough, and if something is going on with it like a new season, a new dub, or a Blu-ray release.

Organizing the Anime Archive

Last week, I finally resumed work on the Anime Archive. It still doesn’t link to every sub-page but I cleaned up a little so it doesn’t look like I haven’t updated it for the past few months. Some sub-pages were also still written in an older HTML set-up so I updated them to my current one. Hopefully, it’ll be fully organized with the desired links by the end of the year.

Lightning Round Curation

So I’m thinking of moving the Lightning Round posts to Private. Maybe not all of them, I can see the First Impressions staying, but certainly the ones where I covered subsequent episodes can go. I’m just not proud of them in general and I want to feel more comfortable with what I leave lying in the blog (the oldest ones I especially associate with a stressful time in my life).

That said, there are some series of episode reviews that are affected by this (ex: Darling in the FranXX and The Quintessential Quintuplets) in which my writings for certain episodes will go missing. That I can’t have. I considered redoing the entire series but that’s obviously time-consuming and I have enough re-reviews on my plate. I also just don’t feel like rewatching any of those shows…please don’t make me watch Darling in the FranXX again.

As a solution, I’ll repost the corresponding writings from Lightning Rounds as their own, individual posts so that people can still read my evolving opinion of something in its entirety. These reposts will be appropriately backdated (the same as the Lightning Rounds they were a part of) and I’ll be turning off Facebook and Twitter sharing when they’re posted so it doesn’t fill the respective feeds. I’m not sure if they’ll still show up on the WordPress reader. If it does, I apologize for any confusion they cause.

If there happens to be any comments pertaining to the episode that was reviewed, I’ll also repost them in the respective comment section. It’s the least I can do for the people who posted them. I can’t do anything about the likes though…and no, I’m not going to ask people to relike the post.

Spring 2017 First Impressions

I might’ve mentioned this before but just in case, I originally blogged on MyAnimeList for a few seasons before deciding I wanted to take blogging more seriously and created a WordPress account. All those posts have either been deleted (and backed up in a Word file) or set to private but recently, I decided I’ll repost the pieces I’m most content with here on this blog. Specifically, these posts are First Impressions from the Spring 2017 season. Like with the Lightning Round reposts, Facebook and Twitter sharing will be turned off but they might still show up on the WordPress reader and I apologize if they do. Feel free to read them when they’re up but please don’t take them too seriously. Aside from writing quality, these are two and a half years old writings that don’t represent my current opinion on the anime in question.

Thanks for reading!

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