Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

I’m not a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan but maybe don’t name an important term of yours “Stand?”.

Maybe I’m biased but I think I would’ve preferred it if Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth leaned more towards procedural drama than reverse harem. Setting a harem show in the narcotics department of a police force is a pretty unique angle to take. Why not provide some compelling cases to go along with the hot guys? But alas, this show seems more interested in providing the latter. The mystery of the week is a very bare bones “catch the bad guy red-handed” scenario and chances are, any case afterwards isn’t going to have any more depth than that.

Do the characters make up for it? It’s hard to say. Thing is, there’s about 21 bachelors, which is insane, and the staff makes the poor decision of introducing almost all of them in one episode. Good luck remembering everyone’s names, let alone their personalities. I sure couldn’t. I want to say the first six guys introduced are the most relevant but this episode does end up focusing on another guy who gets recruited into the special unit, STAND, so who knows who’s a principal or supportive character.

Ultimately, it’s the otome protagonist, Rei (Misato Murai), that makes any sort of impression. That might however be entirely due to the fact that she’s the only woman in the main cast and has the most screentime out of anyone. Rei is pretty much just the otome protagonist. The only trait she has so far is that she learned not to wear high heels when chasing someone…that’s it. There is an interesting detail that says she’s immune to most drugs but that does little for her personality and seems largely written down to prevent her from being completely helpless. This premiere also does little to justify her membership in a special crimes unit. The story begins with her on leave for making a rookie’s mistake and she seems tasked with scouting recruits because it’s an excuse for her to meet all the guys.

As you can suspect, this episode is where I draw the line. My own taste in anime aside, this premiere was extremely dull to watch. The most diehard of otome fans might get a kick out of this though there’s also a good chance they might dismiss it instead.

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