Null & Peta – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

You probably can’t tell because I’m running late with these First Impressions, but I actually forgot to blog about Null & Peta. It’s a short series so it’s easy to forget and this also happens to be an ONA which means you wouldn’t see it listed under “TV” in MAL and LiveChart.

Anyway, for a CGDCT anime, Null & Peta has a surprisingly dark set-up. Null (Azumi Waki) is a child inventor who recently lost her sister, Peta (Reina Ueda) in accident. So as any grieving scientist character would, she decides to cope with her loss by creating a robot based on her sister. Had I not known the show’s intention ahead of time, I would be asking myself what kind of show this is.

The first episode makes the curious decision of beginning the story right as Null conducts her experiment. You don’t get to see Null and Peta’s sisterhood before the latter’s death, Peta’s death, or Null grieving and become motivated to bring her back. I think I would’ve preferred seeing all that first but I don’t blame the staff for choosing not to bother with any of that. At three minutes per episode, something along those lines would take up the whole premiere. It’d maybe make for one hell of a hook but the tonal whiplash that would arise once Peta becomes a fluffy robot would be extremely jarring.

Other than that, this is very much a CGDCT anime. I can see potential in exploring Peta dealing with the fact that she’s now a robot and whether or not that distinguishes her from the human one but I doubt the show will go in that direction. It’s looking more interested in being silly and it does mildly succeed there. The science behind Null’s experiment is just her dumping random stuff into a machine. To her surprise and horror, Peta happens to be equipped with an arsenal of weapons and rocket boosters. Simple jokes though they may be, they work just fine for three minute entertainment.

Being short is going to be Null & Peta‘s crutch. There are far more appealing shows of the like that are airing right now but this show isn’t taking up much time either. Unless the story is somehow godawful, I suspect the only reason you’d drop this show is if you don’t find the show all that funny or moe just isn’t your cup of tea.

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