Kandagawa Jet Girls – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Kandagawa Jet Girls is a tie-in to an upcoming PS4 game and is part of a multimedia project led by Kenichiro Takaki, former producer for the Senran Kagura series. As you can imagine, ecchi is strong with this one.

Kind of like Keijo!!!!!!!!, you’re presented with a fictitious and perverted water sport that’s seemingly only played by girls. In this case, a team of two girls ride a jet ski together with one driving the vehicle and the other shooting at other teams with a laser tag-esque rifle. And unless the girls have the worst luck with wardrobe malfunction, it appears that you win after shooting off your opponent’s wetsuit. I assume you stop shooting when they’re left in their bikinis…”assume” being the key word here.

Obviously, fanservice is aplenty in this show but odd as this may sound, the jet skiing is surprisingly counterproductive in this regard. If you’re watching the uncensored version, you’ll find a scene where the girls undress and get completely topless. No steam or hair conveniently covering the nipples, you flat out get to see the nipples. Putting aside the usual points of contention, this scene does beg the question of why the show even bothers with its sport when it’s actually pervier without it. All the close-ups on the snugly fit wetsuits and bodies pressing onto each other are somewhat robbed of their allure now that actual nudity has been presented. That’s the self-contradiction about this kind of fanservice; if you’re to do it, you have to conceal and leave to the imagination to some extent in order for it to work. Kandagawa Jet Girls lacks restraint in this sense and it therefore undermines its main means to get naughty. And I know this is faint criticism, the intended audience will get what they want one way or another, but it’s criticism nonetheless.

As for the story…am I supposed to watch this for the story? I’ve been surprised before but it wouldn’t surprise me if this aspect of the show is ultimately an afterthought. To be fair, the leading duo of Rin Namiki (Yuu Sasahara) and Misa Aoi (Riko Kohara) seem fine as characters. I have a soft spot for the country bumpkin character that’s moving into town and Rin very much fits that bill. Misa meanwhile walks a fun line between emotionally reserved and easily flustered. If I had to nitpick I’d say that because Episode 1 ends right as the first match begins, you don’t really get to see how Rin and Misa would make a great team. So far, it’s just been Rin giving Misa a ton of yuri vibes which is fine in of itself but that obviously doesn’t say much about how Rin completes Misa (in regards to the jet skiing I mean). That said, this problem can easily be remedied in Episode 2.

I’m not sure what to make of Kandagawa Jet Girls. The story is looking thin and even the fanservice, what the show is clearly banking on, is oddly executed as well. I didn’t however have a miserable time watching it and because the show is so strangely put together, I was able to find some enjoyment out of it. I guess I’m just neutral towards the show so either watching or dropping it are possibilities for me. If ecchi is your thing and you’re not too picky about fan service then you’ll probably get a kick out of this, especially if you watch the uncensored version.

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6 thoughts on “Kandagawa Jet Girls – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. I dropped it at the end of the first ep… Too paint-by-numbers to be worth my time in a crowded season. I don’t think that the uncensored version (which wasn’t available at the start) would have changed my mind.

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    1. Given the show we’re talking about, you’re probably not missing out here lol. That’s fair if there was enough deterrents when watching it censored and you don’t feel like watching what’s pretty much the same story again. I always figured an uncensored version of ecchi anime would only change someone’s mind if they’re really into that kind of stuff. I wasn’t that much swayed either, as evidenced by what I ended up saying about the fanservice in this post.

      This season is definitely crowded. I really need to trim the fat from my watch list in the next week or two.


        1. I’m now realizing that “if they’re really into that kind of stuff” could be interpreted as I’m referring to preference in genre. What I meant to say is an uncensored version would probably only change someone’s mind if they’re in it for the lewds. Sorry if I may have created any confusion.

          I 100% understand where you’re coming from. The show didn’t meet your standards on Day 1 and that’s fair. I’m not a big ecchi guy myself but I guess I have lower standards or expectations regarding plot with this genre, hence why I’m so-so in the post.

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  2. the fan service in comparison to its predecessors given who the creator is, is subpar and a lot more tame. probably cause season 2 of senran kagura and valkyrie drive flopped pretty badly in ratings and the sales didn’t look too god either. so they toned down the in your face nudity a bit but still want to keep that M rating which goes into I forget where I just saw it but you said when ecchi is the priority over everything else then you’re gonna end up with pretty sub par results. Jet Girls as anime after 6 episodes doesn’t have much world or lore built around it or even tries to explain the reason for why jet racing is its only competitive competing sport or even why women are the only ones driving. yes we know the obvious answer from the creator’s perspective but there’s narrative reason for it. the characters lack motivations and are mostly the usual archetypes you’ve seen multiple times and just go off that. this wouldn’t be bad if this didn’t also try to act like it has a story with stakes in it when it really doesn’t and it’s kind of annoying when a few people try to say this one is “anime of the season” worthy when it barely tries to be much of anything. probably it’s biggest problem overall is that because it’s so focused on promoting the game the story is practically non existent here.


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