Spring 2020 First Impressions Catch-Up

Some quick thoughts on some anime that premiered over the past week. I would write about these shows individually but I’ve learned the hard way that trying to write about every new anime tires me out and slows me down. This might be Part 1 of 2 but there are significantly less anime premiering after April 7 so who knows.

Bungo and Alchemist – Gears of Judgment-

Another one of those mobile game adaptations that take historical figures or objects and turn into hot anime characters. In other words, an easy pass. I was kind of digging the show when it had Osamu Dazai live through the events of Run, Melos!, one of his short stories. I liked it a lot less once everyone starting fighting.


I was very interested in Listeners‘ setting but after the watching the first episode, I’m not that sold on it now. All the terms such as Player, Equipment, and Earless either sounds too simple or too silly. More importantly, the idea that music no longer exists and how that connects to the giant robots feels ill-defined. Still, I’m enjoying the chemistry and banter between Echo (Ayumu Murase) and Mu (Rie Takahashi) so I kind of want to hold out on this show a little big longer.

Wave, Listen to Me

I think the A part tries way too hard to be funny and it goes on for too long. The B part is much more entertaining as it elaborates the character of Minare (Riho Sugiyama) and the silly way she got roped into becoming a radio host. If I have the time, I’ll try some more but if I have to watch more stuff like the A part of the premiere, consider me out.

Future Folktales

A Japanese-Saudi Arabian co-production aimed to teach children various folktales from the Middle East. I appreciate that this exists but the animation is very unimpressive and the dialogue is far too simplistic. Most puzzling though is the framing of the anthology; the whole futuristic family angle feels like a complete afterthought. Points for Masako Nozawa playing the narrating grandma though.


Not for me. I don’t like the killer mascot trend at all and hell, main monster design for this show doesn’t even look that great to begin with. About the only thing I enjoyed here was Nao Touyama’s performance as Clair.

Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle!

One of the most indistinguishable and boring mobile game adaptation I’ve seen in a long time. The gimmick of an unwilling guild leader might as well not exist and the set up is bare bones.

Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle

I really like the concept for this show — a young boy journeying to usurp the King of Darkness so that he can change the world from the inside and a princess of a kingdom of angels fighting an uphill battle against the same king. Unfortunately, the premiere suffers from a lot of exposition and rushed pacing as it tries to introduce both protagonists. It would’ve been better to separate the introductions into individual episodes.


The plot for this one feels super bare bones — just a bunch of academy students playing a card game. What a weird first game too; I get that the protagonist wants to have fun but he’s trying to get his friend’s phone back so he ought to take it more seriously. The Shadowverse game itself actually sounds pretty interesting but if the story is going to be this basic for 48 episodes, I don’t think I’ll be watching much of this show. 

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