My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! – Ep. 3

Continuing my speedy catch up with Hamefura. I already saw this episode for the First Overview but this was still fun to watch.

  • Structure is admittedly a bit repetitive — Catarina goes to another party and meets another girl who’s discriminated in some way and there’s a guy in the mix somehow. Watch Maria show up in the exact same way.
    • I say that but I really like Sophia (Inori Minase) so I guess that’s water under the bridge.
  • Maybe sweets is another death flag Catarina should be wary of.
  • Geordo should get a pet dog in preparation for Catarina’s army of snakes. Now there’s a Bad Ending.
  • I’m impressed with how many ways this show has managed to involve Catarina’s climbing skills.
  • Sophia shares the same name as a character in the book Catarina is reading. That’s too intentional of a detail.
  • Catarina befriends Sophia via their shared interest in literature. I really love that the protagonist befriends her girlfriends via her hobbies. It feels so normal and natural.
  • I like Mary’s introduction though I slightly prefer Sophia’s because Catarina truly has no ulterior motive here. She becomes Sophia’s friend purely because she found someone she can talk to about the books she’s reading.
  • Would’ve liked a whole episode of Catarina convincing Mary to be Sophia’s friend. I want to see her actually growing past the prejudice regarding Sophia’s apperance. Plus, did you see her jealous face? You can’t just skimmed that over with a line of narration.
  • I like how Catarina likens her friendship with Sophia to one she had in her past life, it makes her feel like she’s reclaiming a part of her old identity. That said, her thinking Sophia would like manga makes me think that in any other isekai anime, the protagonist would introduce manga to the medieval fantasy world.
    • Oh God, I hope I didn’t jinx this show.
  • Frankly, I don’t really get Nicol (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka/M.A.O.). I like how much he cares about his sister and appreciates Catarina’s friendship with her but I don’t feel any romantic chemistry between him and Catarina. The gag involving his smile is also whatever to me.
  • Really funny that Catarina didn’t play all of Fortune Lover. I’d like for the show to lean more into that though considering how much she’s changing the timeline, that would cause some confusion.
    • Still not keen on Catarina not being involved in all the possible routes. Apparently, by “all routes”, the show’s title really meant “two”.
  • Since we’ve seen what everyone looks like as teenagers, the timeskip feels less impactful. The character designs for everyone are great though.
  • Five years later and I’m still not sure what Geordo sees in Catarina. Also, I can’t help but think Catarina didn’t make much of an effort to call off the engagement.
  • Mary practiced the men’s part of the dance and Sophia has been reading yuri novels. This isn’t even subtext and I am all for it.
    • Honestly, rooting more for the girls than any of the guys. Catarina has much better chemistry with them.

I’ve enjoyed this childhood arc that it’s kind of a bummer to see it over in three episodes. I wouldn’t have minded to see a couple more episodes out of this. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the show so far so here’s hoping the real story is up to snuff.

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