My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! – Ep. 4

Continuing to catch up with Hamefura:

  • The fateful encounter…and also the last addition to the harem.
  • Forgot to mention this in the last episode review: I’m disappointed that Catarina’s scar has healed during the timeskip. For me, that was part of the character design’s charm.
  • I’m sure the student council president will be a decent character but he looks like Shirou Emiya and that makes me want to punch him in the face.
  • Interesting that some of the original events in Fortune Lover are still happening and funny that Catarina is so paranoid that she doesn’t immediately realize that they’re already playing out a bit differently.
    • I really hope the rivalry moments between Maria and Mary still happen but instead of Alan, it’s now about Catarina.
  • I want a scene where Catarina and Maria climb a tree together…Hamefura, make it happen!
  • Praying for Keith’s sanity. His relationship with his sister might be better overall but that doesn’t save him from some kind of abuse.
    • I guess Catarina is still a villainess after all.
  • Really love the silent glances Catarina gives to Maria. Honestly, I wish that was all she did for most of the episode. Have her be so wary of Maria that she doesn’t strike a conversation with her, only to then realize that doing so still means she’s treating her poorly. Then have her see Maria get bullied and decide to intervene, thus letting go of her wariness in the process. I think that’d make the ending more impactful.
  • I kind of was afraid that Catarina’s gardening career would end after realizing it only improved her magic by a teensy bit. To my glee, she resumes in case she gets exiled and must live as a farmer.
    • Also, I love that she thinks she might still get exiled at the very least.
  • Really neat that Alan has continued to play piano thanks to Catarina’s influence. Honestly, out of the bachelors, I find Alan the most likable and with the best chemistry with Catarina.
  • Kind of wish the show didn’t have Catarina meeting Maria at the student council room before saving her from bullies. I expected something bigger for their first meeting and I don’t really get why Catarina pays a visit to begin with.
  • I really dig that each girl connects with Catarina over one of her three hobbies. With Mary, it’s gardening. With Sophia, it’s books. With Maria, it’s Catarina’s concerning addiction to sugar.
  • Pretty sure those muffins would get dirt and bugs on them if they fell on the grass.
  • While I wish the progression was different, the final scene itself is still really good though. I continue to enjoy how genuine Catarina is towards the people she befriends and watching her deviate from her intended role.
  • Catarina stealing the game script’s thunder, even if by accident, is still funny. That said, I’m also having a hard time believing that any version of Geordo would eat food off the ground. The in-universe writing for this guy is just as puzzling as the writing in real life.
  • I think I know what Catarina should do in order to call of her marriage with Geordo: tell him she’s in love with one of the girls.
    • In fact, that’s what she should’ve said at the end of the episode. Evidently, romance is not the only thing Catarina is dense at.

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One thought on “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! – Ep. 4

  1. “Pretty sure those muffins would get dirt and bugs on them if they fell on the grass.”

    Agreed. Pretty sure it wouldn’t bother Catarina though… As in so many other things, she’s… not that discerning.


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