Healin’ Good Pretty Cure – Ep. 14

A key detail surrounding Nodoka is that, prior to the start of the Healin’ Good Pretty Cure‘s story, she was an extremely frail girl who spent most of her childhood hospitalized. This partly motivates her into becoming Pretty Cure as, despite only recently recovering and lacking much athleticism, she nevertheless wants to use her powers as best as she can. This aspect of Nodoka has come into play every now and then though this episode really does piques your curiosity about her current condition.

In her latest visit to the hospital, Nodoka learns from her doctor that she’s completely healthy right now, so much so that her doctor finds it hard to believe that she was so ill growing up. This could be putting a bow on the manner but the deliberateness is pretty glaring, especially considering the timing of Nodoka’s recovery with her moving into Sukoyaka. Even the characters themselves wonder about that. At one point, Hinata suggests it’s because of the Pretty Cure powers though Rabarin claims that’s unheard of. If this was a much darker magical girl series, my money would be on Nodoka’s health being connected to her powers (and the show is leading to something ominous with that). I’d be a little shocked if the show actually goes there but then again, you never know.

For the time being, I’ll just go ahead and be happy for Nodoka that she’s been making a full recovery. Something I really like whenever the spotlight is on Nodoka is her enjoyment in doing things she hasn’t been able to when she was growing up. In the case of this episode, there’s coincidentally a festival taking place in Sukoyaka and Nodoka figures to partake in it before going home. Conveniently, Chiyu and Hinata are there as well, allowing Nodoka to share the good news. She certainly looks happy throughout the experience but considering her childhood, it must also be exciting and liberating for her. The best example comes at the end when the Cures participate in a shouting contest. Chiyu and Hinata scream out some pretty silly remarks but Nodoka feels rather earnest when she shouts out how she feels so alive right now.

Batetemoda takes charge for the fight of the week. A suspicious moment comes when he is shown continually gaining Guaiwaru’s trust, saying that he’d risk his life for him before secretly saying to himself that he won’t. Ever since he’s been introduced, I was wondering if him acting so buddy-buddy with the three veteran generals is an act and that increasingly is becoming the case. The question to ask then is why. Backstabbing them would make the most sense but what would he gain from that? Whatever the case, there’s plentiful potential to the shakeup that’s being hinted here. The villains could frankly use one anyway (aside from Daruizen, I haven’t cared much about them).

The ending of the episode throws a more definite bone at you (pun not intended). After fighting the monster of the week, the Pretty Cures learn from the Element they rescue  that there actually existed a Pretty Cure before them. This one was parterned with Lady Teateine, Rate’s mother, and was able to heal people with music. Furthermore, she even lived in Sukoyaka like our current Cures. While I suspect that this Precure alumni is either really old or dead now, this new tidbit is undoubtedly setting up for the introduction of this season’s fourth Pretty Cure (who has been officially announced but for spoilers’ sake, I won’t give it away).

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