Healin’ Good Pretty Cure – Ep. 17

Got ourselves a Chiyu-focused episode. About time too. I like Nodoka but she kind of has been hogging the spotlight as of late. Plus, Chiyu-focused episodes feel kind of rare at the moment. The last one that was squarely about her was Episode 8 which is obviously ages ago. If you think that’s a change of pace, we also get to see Chiyu helping out at her family’s inn. Goodness, I completely forgot about that. The juice bar run by Hinata’s sister gets more screentime than it (funnily enough, that place shows up again).

Evidently, Chiyu is already a pro when it comes to a lot of the physical labor that comes with running an inn such as cleaning the rooms and carrying supplies. Where she has a lot of learning to do is the social aspect; in other words, making visitors feel welcomed and happy. Chiyu gets put to the test in this regard when a foreign family (who weirdly keeps alternating between English and Japanese) and the daughter, Emily, doesn’t look too happy about her trip, compelling Chiyu to help.

The solution is of course, incorporating something the customer enjoys, and the episode does a good job having Chiyu come to that conclusion. She watches her grandmother create small little decorations to make her inn’s rooms feel more hospitable to the people staying in them. Nodoka (okay, I guess she still has the spotlight to herself) even pitches in as well. When she sees Chiyu feeling unsure on how to help Emily, she takes her to the beach as the sea is a very calming and cathartic piece of scenery for her (this was brought up back in Episode 8). Eventually, Chiyu figures out that Emily likes parks and feels lonely due to traveling so much so she invites her to play some games at the park. The plan becomes even more successful when girls the same age as Emily pass by and join the games.

Naturally, the park is coincidentally the Byogen’s target this episode. I usually don’t mind how petty these attacks can get, this show is targeted for children, but I couldn’t help but laugh as Cure Fontaine vehemently declares she’ll protect the park My guess as to is that most targets have a personal tie to our heroines and the park doesn’t really have that. It would suck if it gets destroyed but surely there are other parks in Sukoyaka that Chiyu could use. To be fair though, this is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

One last thing, Pegitan is adorable this episode. He secretly helps Chiyu out with cleaning the inn and treats her brother as a rival. The best part is the mischievous laugh he makes every time he cleans an area before the brother does and the latter walks in completely confused. It’s a bit atypical for the otherwise shy penguin and I’m all for it. I hope we get an episode that further explores Pegitan and Chiyu’s relationship, much like the one we recently got for Nodoka and Rabirin. I really like the dynamic between those too.

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