Healin’ Good Pretty Cure – Ep. 18

Well, this is pretty weird. The plot of Healin’ Good Pretty Cure’s eighteenth episode is that Nyatoran becomes smitten with a woman named Orie Kusaka, a new resident of Sukoyaka opening an aromatherapy shop. Most of the group, especially Rabirin and Pegitan, worry this means Nyatoran will want Orie to be his Pretty Cure partner instead of Hinata as romantic love is theoretically a stronger power source than a platonic one. It’s silly and very one note but it does lend to some good comedy such as Nyatoran’s desperate attempts to help Orie despite being a tiny cat and the ending where Nyatoran gets friendzoned hard.

This isn’t necessarily a detriment though any real sense of conflict over Nyatoran maybe preferring someone else as his Pretty Cure partner is much fainter that you’d like it to be. Thing is, Hinata is actually the least worried about Nyatoran’s crush in Orie and is even the most supportive of it. She’s the one who pitches helping Orie open her shop and come up with ways Nyatoran can not only contribute but also express his feelings. During the action scene, Hinata elaborates that it’s because she’s happy to see her animal partner be so compassionate and motivated about something…but given her personality, I’m also inclined to think that she’s possibly that dense and oblivious. I do at least like the back and forth between Hinata and Nyatoran where the latter thinks Hinata should give herself credit for being so thoughtful and creative and the two of them recognize the mutual adoration they have for each other.

The ending messes with you a bit. After once again winning the fight, Rate remains sick so the Cures receive the aid of Element once more to cure her. At this point, this is routine for Healin’ Good (even the obtaining of Element Bottles feels rather random). But after a little while however, Rate gets sick once more, ending the episode on a bit of a cliffhanger. The next episode preview kind of ruins it by giving away it’s just a cold though I’m willing to bet there might be more to it, especially since the preview also teases the formal reveal of our fourth Cure. About time. Been waiting weeks for this.

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