Healin’ Good Pretty Cure – Ep. 20

Togo, your Hero form looks so different! Your fairy too!

I promise that’s the only Yuki Yuna is a Hero reference I’ll make. I just couldn’t help myself since Suzuko Mimori is voicing Cure Earth and YuYuYu has been on my mind a lot since I’m covering the show right now (I’m about to start The Hero Chapter for the record).

Anyway, Episode 20 of Healin’ Good Pretty Cure begins with Cure Earth explaining her existence to everyone. Turns out, she’s not actually the first Pretty Cure, Fuu (okay, that’s on the show, not me!), but rather some kind of spirit assuming her likeness. That’s definitely not what I expected to learn but no matter. I’m sure we’ll learn more about Fuu herself some other time. Watch her descendants stop by Sukoyaka and bump into Cure Earth.

Technically, Cure Earth is a newborn and thus knows nothing about the mortal world, even lacking common sense. Her sole personality trait at the moment is protecting Rate which she demonstrates by trying to run away with her to the Healing Garden. This naturally creates a lot of tension with everyone, including Rate herself, though Nodoka is quick to point out that Earth doesn’t actually know what’s misguided about her plan.

Considering her personality, pairing Earth with Rate is very fitting. On one side, you have a guardian spirit driven solely by the wish that created her. Meanwhile, the person she protects is more concerned about the bigger picture than herself. Already, we see these two personalities play off each other as Rate convinces Earth to help her and the others with protecting the planet, even helping Earth develop her own desire to do so. The only downside to this new pairing is how little affects Rate’s role in battle. She accompanies Earth in her transformation sequence, with an awful lot of energy might I add but after that, she’s continues to be a sick puppy. You’d think having a Pretty Cure partner would address Rate’s feelings of uselessness but that sadly doesn’t seem to be the case here.

There’s also some comedic potential with Cure Earth’s ignorance on everything. This is best demonstrated at the end when Nodoka gives her a civilian name, Asumi, and Earth gets horribly confused once everyone adds honorifics or Hinata creates a nickname for her. The next episode preview teases even more of Asumi’s struggles to basic aspects of human life which sounds pretty entertaining. I just hope it doesn’t last for too long as the fish out of water routine could get stale very quickly.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic now about Asumi’s character though I remain skeptical about her role in battle. She still seems pretty overpowered to me. Like in this episode, Batetemoda shows up and reveals that the Byogens can now power up the MegaByogens from the get go with some fancy crystals. That’s problematic for the original three Cures but it seems to be of little challenge for Cure Earth. Asumi even give Batetemoda a run for his money, countering every one of his attacks (something the others have never been able to do) and even putting him out of his misery.

Speaking of which, I’m a bit surprised that Batetemoda is now out of the picture. Maybe he isn’t though I have little reason to suspect that. Asumi has proven to be that powerful and it got very telling when Batetemoda handed over some of his crystals to Guaiwaru, thus allowing the other generals to use this new method. Even so, it’s a shame to see him go. The whole backstabbing subplot made for a nice shakeup and he was clearly the most bloodthirsty and aggressive of the four generals. Having him gone is certainly a win for our heroes but it may be a loss for the viewer.

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