Healin’ Good Pretty Cure – Ep. 21

First off, some Pretty Cure news: Crunchyroll is now streaming the franchise’s 14th season, Kira Kira Pretty Cure a la Mode! I’m not sure why it’s that season specifically and seeing all 49 episodes available makes me wonder more where Healin’ Good‘s first twelve episodes are. But hey, that’s another season of Pretty Cure legally available in the US. I’ll personally start watching the show soon.

Now back to Healin’ Good Pretty Cure. After defeating Batetemoda for good, the Cures call it a day and immediately realize that Asumi has nowhere to go. While Asumi is more than willing to live out on the streets (in her defense, she doesn’t know that’d be a bad thing), Nodoka decides to have her stay at her place. The cover story she gives to her parents is that Asumi is Rate’s original owner from abroad. That actually works really well as Nodoka’s cover up for Rate back in Episode 2 was that she’s a lost puppy separated from her owner and Nodoka’s parents allowed their daughter to care of her in the “meantime”. The only thing that perplexes me is Nodoka’s parents being completely okay with Asumi freeloading at their place. They ask some questions though they drop their suspicions once Nodoka claims Asumi is Rate’s owner. The fact that Asumi has no possessions of her own and the questions of where she was residing up until now and why she needs a place to stay goes completely over the parents’ head. I’m willing to look the other way of course but man are the Hanaderas hospitable folks.

This episode brings Asumi being a fish out of water front and center. I remain concerned over how long this lasts though for now, it is really funny seeing Asumi struggle with stuff most people become accustomed at the age of 4. Eating food, bathing (no, this isn’t that kind of anime), sleeping, being mindful of the traffic when walking on the streets. The list goes on and poor Nodoka has to explain everything to her. My favorite part is when Asumi tries to eat with chopsticks and while she actually figures out how to properly hold them very quickly, she keeps dropping her food. The desperate and dejected look on her face is priceless.

In the midst of all this, Asumi learns from Rabirin about Nodoka’s frailness and desire to give everything her best. The news affects Asumi in two ways. The first is that it makes Asumi develop empathy for Nodoka’s efforts and concern for her. This specifically materializes when Nodoka scrapes her hand while helping Asumi and Asumi later notices it handicapping her during battle, prompting her to rush to Nodoka’s aid. The second is that Asumi wants to know why Nodoka feels the need to help her. When Nodoka explains her selflessness has been shaped by the help of others, Asumi feels inspired and wonders if she’ll change from her experiences as well. Overall, I’m liking the budding friendship between these two and how naturally Asumi is becoming more of a person.

With Batetemoda out of the picture, we’re back to the original three generals. There’s an implication that Guaiwaru wants to keep the existence of the Byogen crystals a secret though that plan is short-lived since Daruizen sees him use it on his MegaByogen. That leaves Shindoine as the only one unaware of these crystals though I bet Daruizen will spill the beans to her. It’s definitely something he’d do. This all has me wondering if we’re about to see some infighting among these generals. Guaiwaru clearly wanted the crystals’ power all to himself and Shindoine wants her King Byogen senpai to notice her. It’d be nice now that we no longer have Batetemoda to do some secret plotting and Lord knows these three need to do something apart from the usual.

Another tidbit that arises is that you can apparently harvest more crystals off of a powered up MegaByogen. In other words, the generals can theoretically have an infinite supply of these things and these fully powered monsters is the new status quo from here on out. Granted, the heroes have Cure Earth now to even the odds so the increased threat is maybe a little moot. I have to wonder then where the power ups will go from here? Bear in mind, we’re still not halfway through this season so it’ll definitely need to come up with something new later on. Are we just going to have a different type of crystals Also, does this mean that every episode from now on, we have to watch a general create a MegaByogen and then power it up. Won’t that get tiresome after a while?

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