Healin’ Good Pretty Cure – Ep. 22

Some more Pretty Cure news: the first twelve episodes of Healin’ Good Pretty Cure is now on Crunchyroll! Finally, after two months, they’re legally available. I don’t know why it took so long, we’ll probably never know the exact details, but whatever. If you’ve been holding off on this show and waited for the first twelve episodes, now’s the time to watch.

Now back to the episode at hand. We begin with Nodoka going to school, leaving Asumi alone with Rate. Asumi takes it upon herself to take care of Rate though she makes a couple of bad calls along the way from putting too many blankets while the poor dog naps and refusing to take her on a walk in fear she’ll get injured. Needless to say, Rate finds it all suffocating and starts avoiding Asumi, causing the Pretty Cure to feel dejected and her body to start fading away (possibly from existence? I’m not sure).

To my surprise, the episode is also a Chiyu-centric one. Chiyu hangs out with Asumi at her family inn and the experience proves to be enough to lift the spirit’s, well, spirits. Asumi likes the snacks Chiyu’s brother drops off as well as dipping her feet in the inn’s hot spring. Chiyu points out that enjoyment and the episode more or less has her teaching Asumi what that emotion entails. As silly as it sounds, there’s actually a bit of depth to the messaging. There’s a scene where Asumi visits the school and watches Chiyu try to beat her record in the high jump during practice. Asumi asks Chiyu why she keeps trying despite repeatedly failing and Chiyu explains it’s because she likes the sport. From there, Asumi realizes that part of liking something is dealing with both the ups and downs. Furthermore, she decides that if she really does like Rate, she should take her mistakes to heart rather than accept defeat to them. All in all, the episode gives a great message to the viewer while also continuing both Asumi and Chiyu’s arcs.

How nice of Daruizen to hand over a Mega Part to Shindoine. I’d feel bad for Gauiwaru for losing the one thing that almost gave him an edge over the other generals but then again, he has no one to blame but himself for outing his own secret. That Daruizen doesn’t care about keeping the Mega Parts to himself is totally within his character to do. He just wants the Byogens to win and he would hand over resources to someone if it means they’ll do the work for him. I do wonder however if this decision might come back to haunt the generals. At the very least, it’s certainly angered Gauiwaru by a considerable amount.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m starting to feel underwhelmed with the action. These fight scenes already follow a defined pattern and now it’s even more so the case as the MegaByogen are now always as optimal strength and the Pretty Cures keep needing the firepower Cure Earth brings to the table. It bugs me as apart from this, I’m growing to enjoy Asumi’s character. I’m sure the show will shake things up again at some point though I am feeling rather impatient for it.

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