Update on My Episode Reviews

Well, I’ve been very inactive on this blog. Oops. That’s been due to all sorts of things. February and March was me stressing over taking an unpaid leave from work and getting an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine (the side effects of which hit me pretty darn hard). In April, I finally returned to work which has gone back to in-person. Seeing as how work would keep me and busy and it’s been a while since I lasted worked, I made the budding hiatus an intentional one. That said, the plan was to come back after a couple weeks. Obviously, that clearly didn’t happened…

So what do I do now? Well, here’s my hopes and dreams…

Anime Episode Reviews

For June, I decided that I’ll mainly focus on finishing some shows in the backlog. The following shows are:

  • Laid-Back Camp (Season 2) – Covered up to Episode 4. This was planned to be a lock for coverage during Winter 2021 to begin with so of course I’m finishing this.
  • Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club – Covered up to Episode 6. I originally covered this during Fall 2020 and dropped it for time. I’ve since kind of regretted that decision and I still need to finish it anyway so I decided to pick it up again.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Covered up to Episode 9. I’ve been doing this as my way to celebrate the show turning ten this year, even though the anniversary hype has obviously died down at this point.

Besides Madoka, which I better finish, the only progress I’m guaranteeing for myself is any progress at all. That being said, I would very much love to have all three shows finished before Summer 2021 begins.

With Laid-Back Camp and Love Live!, I might re-date the posts that I did write before I get to new writings, to give them some renewed exposure and signify me restarting these episode reviews. Don’t think I’ll do the same for Madoka, if only because I still want to show my original effort to rewatch the show exactly ten years from when it aired. Maybe I’ll just post the respective links on social media again. Also, I plan on creating full screencap galleries for the posts where I held off on that to save time.

Episode Review Poll

A big dilemma I faced was figuring out what to do with the seasonal anime. We are still in Spring 2021 and there was a couple of premieres I saw in April that piqued my interest. But this far in, it’s kind of too late to experiment and play catch up at the same time. I also regret not covering much from Winter 2021 and I’d like to make up for that as well. I originally came up with a lineup that would encompass shows from both seasons but that didn’t feel feasible, hence me settling with finishing shows from the backlog.

Rather take the time to experiment myself, I decided to just pick one show from each season for myself and hold a poll where I let you guys vote on a second show. The first poll should be up soon and it will be for Winter 2021. I’ll hold a second poll for Spring 2021 after the season concludes at the end of June.

Other Shows to Note

  • Winter 2021 Sequels – I originally decided to drop coverage for Cells at Work!, Promised Neverland, and Quintessential Quintuplets to save time but I ended up not making the best use of my time during Winter so I’m currently open to revisiting these series of reviews. I also haven’t finished of these returning shows anyway. Right now, I’m leaning towards tackling each one at a time. I am thinking about holding a poll to decide to order in which I go about this though I have a feeling anyone participating will vote for Promised Neverland as some cruel joke.
  • Granblem – Still haven’t forgotten this show. I considered adding it to the June catch up but between the three shows I’ve settled on and the Winter 2021 Catch-Up poll, I feel it’s best to hold off on Granbelm for a bit longer. I will finish covering this show though. For all its flaws, it really is a show that I wished I covered back in 2019.
  • SSSS.Dynazenon – I did say somewhere on Twitter that I’ll cover this show. Part of me still wants to but I think I’ll wait for the show to finish first so that stress of catching up doesn’t get to me too much. Maybe I’ll make it part of the possible poll with the Winter 2021 sequels. One thing that I will admit is affecting my motivation is apparently this show isn’t as well received as Gridman (and Gridman isn’t that acclaimed to begin with).
  • Restaurant to Another World – Previously covered the first season back when it aired in Summer 2017. It blows my mind that the show is finally getting a second season but hey, that means I get to cover it again.
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero – Season 3 confirmed for Fall 2021. My only concern is whether or not it’s streaming anywhere legally. The whole show got removed from Amazon and who knows what Pony Canyon is doing with the North American license. I normally don’t cover shows if they’re not officially streaming but I will make an exception for YuYuYu if fansubs are my only option.

Thanks for reading!

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