Genshin Impact Character Review – Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a 5-Star Pyro Bow character from Inazuma. Aside from bringing Amber further down into irrelevancy, her intended role is that of a selfish Pyro carry (which we totally don’t have enough of in Genshin impact).

Like Ganyu, Yoimiya has a Level 2 Charged Attack. As you aim, Yoimiya can generate a maximum of three “Kindling Arrows” to accompany her standard infused arrow. These arrows have the ability to home in on an enemy, provided that said enemy is either directly in their path or within their vicinity as they travel through the air. You would think that this is how Yoimiya primarily deals DMG, much like how it is with Ganyu. Surprisingly however, it’s suboptimal to build with this in mind as each Kindling Arrow has a pitifully low multiplier (22.96% at Lv. 6). The only reasons I can think of for using this Charged Attack is to quickly apply Pyro for Swirl (something a second Pyro unit can fulfill) or to try and see if the arrows will home in on any animals that you’re trying to hunt in the open world. Other than that, Yoimiya’s Level 2 Charged Attack is completely pointless.

Yoimiya primarily deals DMG via her Elemental Skill, “Niwabi Fire-Dance”. With the press of the skill button, Yoimiya gains a DMG Bonus to her Normal Attacks and infuses them with Pyro. She does lose the ability to fire her Kindling Arrows in the process though that hardly matters given how weak those arrows are. The effects of “Niwabi Fire-Dance” lasts for 10 seconds or when you swap Yoimiya out of the field. With an 18 second cooldown, you’re looking at 8 seconds of downtime though this window can used to switch to other characters in your team and use their abilities. The appeal of this ability comes in how straightforward it is. So long as you have defense covered in some way, just press the skill button and then the attack button multiple times and you’re good to go. As a Bow user, Yoimiya can comfortably do this at range. Her attack animations are also so quick that she can afford to do the full combo before needing to cancel out of it with either a jump or a dash.

While her Elemental Skill makes her a selfish carry, Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst, “Ryuukin Saxifrage” is actually the exact opposite. After dealing Pyro DMG, Yoimiya marks one of her enemies with an “Aurous Blaze”. This mark can deal Pyro DMG every 2 seconds but to trigger it, someone other than Yoimiya needs to attack the marked enemy. Such a task can be fulfilled by an off field ability or by switching to another character entirely. For the latter approach, I suggest using Yoimiya’s Burst once her Pyro infusion expires, allowing for continued Pyro application during the downtime of her Skill. Theoretically, this Burst gives Yoimiya to option to serve as a support. Unfortunately, this option is at odds with her Elemental Skill as that necessitates that Yoimiya stay on field for the Pyro infusion and by extension, to generate Energy particles for herself. You could use another Pyro character to serve as a battery but at that point, you might as well just use that character as the support instead.

Frankly, I don’t like using Yoimiya’s Burst all that much. The fact that someone else is needed to get most of its potential damage is an unnecessary step to me. Hitting the mark can sometimes be easier said than done as Genshin‘s auto targeting mechanic can go awry and lock you onto the wrong enemy, resulting in a loss in DMG. Also, despite technically being an AoE, the range of Yoimiya’s Burst is actually quite small. This is especially the case with the “Aurous Blaze” as the mark only encompasses one enemy at a time, meaning other enemies need to be close by to also feel the mark’s effects. For all intents and purposes, the Burst is practically a single target attack. Combined with her reliance on her Normal Attacks, this makes Yoimiya less fit for mob encounters. And unfortunately for her, most battles in Genshin consist of mobs.

As a Pyro character, Yoimiya has easy access to Melt and Vaporize. Both reactions are among the strongest in the game so it would be ideal to build a Yoimiya team with those in mind. While Overloaded is weaker, Yoimiya can make pretty good use to it. Because she wields a Bow, she has less trouble compared to melee characters with continuously hitting and juggling enemies that are getting knocked around by the explosion effect of Overloaded. That all said, it’s worth noting that Yoimiya’s entire kit adheres to Internal Cooldown (ICD) which is a cooldown for when elements can be reapplied, thereby affecting how often Elemental Reactions can be triggered. This wouldn’t be of note if it wasn’t for the fact that other Pyro characters have an ability that ignores ICD, giving them more of an edge as a carry. For whatever reason, Yoimiya follows this rule to the letter. In other words, she applies Pyro every couple of hits and this results in her triggering Reactions less frequently and less competitively than her fellow Pyro characters. It’s a shame as ignoring ICD would work wonders with either Yoimiya’s Pyro-infused Normal Attacks or the Pyro DMG procs of her Elemental Burst mark.

Overall, I’m pretty underwhelmed with Yoimiya. Part of that can be owed to Genshin‘s current ecosystem. With the game spoiling its player base with some incredibly powerful 5-star characters, expectations for upcoming ones are perhaps at an unreasonable high. Yoimiya can certainly get good numbers, anyone can if you try hard enough, but I can’t deny that they could stand to be more competitive. Furthermore, Yoimiya is the ninth Pyro character as well as the fifth to act as a dedicated carry. This stinking element has enough to offer for now and other elements are in dire need for more reps. Even that aside, I do think Yoimiya has a flawed kit. I like spamming her Normal Attacks but that’s about it. She has a Level 2 Charged Attack but she has little use for it. Her Elemental Burst is clunky and lacks range. It’s a shame that her Elemental Skill restricts her to being a carry; Genshin currently has a severe lack of Pyro supports. There’s way worse kits out there but Yoimiya’s definitely could’ve used more time in the oven. Whether or not that’s something miHoYo will address remains to be seen.

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