Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – March 2022 Edition

Some site announcements for you all. Haven’t written these in a long while…

Genshin Impact Character Reviews

I apologize that these posts have dominated my output for the past few months. They are what I’ve felt like writing the most and they are what I’ve managed to write while getting busy and tired from work. However, it was not my intention to only write these and I can’t deny that they have contributed to the increasing size of my backlog of anime to cover. Hell, these aren’t even the only things related to Genshin that I wanted to write. I’m not done with the Character Reviews just yet but I would like for my current output to be less homogenous. Regardless, I thank everyone who read, liked, and/or commented on these posts.

I’ll be updating my Kokomi and Raiden Shogun reviews since both characters are rerunning for the second phase of Version 2.5. After that, I plan on reviewing Amber and Razor in April as I’ll have the former at C6 when “Paimon’s Bargains” resets (watch them change the lineup this time around…). I don’t plan on pulling for Ayato in 2.6 so there won’t be a review for him for the foreseeable future.

I had plans during Version 2.4 to review every 4-Star character from Liyue that I have not reviewed yet and update the ones that I did write. Despite managing to raise every single one of them and writing bits and pieces, that goal ended up being too overwhelming me. The character reviews I have not finished writing are Chongyun, Yanfei, and Yun Jin. I still plan on finishing those drafts. I plan on reviewing every character I have on my Genshin account. However, I’ll probably work on these on and off.

Anime Episode Reviews

Been veering away from covering anime in episode reviews. Time and energy has been the biggest hurdles but I also must admit that I’ve felt pretty unmotivated to write these posts too. I’ve been trying to write these for almost five years now. I’m clearly not that good at keeping up with them. It’s natural for me to contemplate over whether or not this is an endeavor I should continue.

After thinking it over a ton however, I have decided to not cut the chord just yet. I still want to fulfill the 2021 Catch Up polls that I started last year and I’ll still finish covering certain shows that I’ve extensively covered in the past and really enjoyed covering such as Laid-Back Camp, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, etc. Until the backlog is sorted out, I’ll review one show per season. Who knows, maybe I’ll fully regain my passion for these posts in the process.

Priority one is definitely the 2021 Catch-Up polls. This month, I’ll finally start covering Horimiya and Idoly Pride (respectively the winner and personal pick of the first poll). I might crank these out whenever they’re done but if not, one episode per week would be ideal.

The 2021 Catch-Up polls will now comprise of shows throughout all of 2021. I originally intended for Winter and Spring 2021 but that was when 2021 was halfway done. I’ve ended up missing out on both Summer and Fall 2021 so I might as well throw in shows from those seasons. I’ve recently and finally tried the vast majority of pilots from Fall 2021 (I barely watched any in October…) so I have a decent idea which shows throughout 2021 I want to put on the polls.

Right now, I’m planning two more polls for the 2021 Catch Up. Rather than do one poll per season, I’m going by every four 2021 shows per poll. Truth be told, I barely came up with four shows for the first poll and I’ve since realized that it’s entirely possible that a season might have less shows for me to consider or even more. In the case of Spring and Summer, there’s actually very few shows that I wish I had covered. Consequently, the Winter 2021 Catch-Up will be retitled as “Part 1” of the 2021 Catch-Up.

Regarding Madoka specificially, I do want to finish covering the original series despite obviously missing out on the 10th anniversary. Afterwards, I’ll review the movies (which I am kind of looking forward as I’ve never seen them). While I am mixed on Magia Record Season 1, I’ll probably watch Seasons 2 and 3. I would’ve liked to have covered Season 2 in time for Season 3 but whatever, those seasons can wait.

I did consider covering one more show from my adolescence that has or is turning 10 years old, to complete the “trilogy” alongside Angel Beats! and Madoka. The two that came to mind the most were Fate/zero and Hyouka. I’m leaning more towards the latter as I actually had wanted to cover it back when I started this blog in 2017. I also don’t know if I want to bring up my opinions on Fate again. The only problem is that both shows are two cours. Maybe it’ll pan out but I don’t want to guarantee it just yet.

For Spring 2022, I plan on covering the first cour of Spy x Family.

Thanks for reading!

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