Genshin Impact Character Review – Yoimiya

Note: This review is up to date with Version 2.8

Yoimiya is a 5-Star Pyro Bow character from Inazuma. She can only be obtained via the “Tapestry of Golden Flames” event banner. Primarily, she serves as a selfish carry for her team.

When Yoimiya manually aims her Bow, she can charge her attack to a second level, generating up to three “Kindling Arrows” to accompany her standard aimed shot. In addition to providing additional DMG, these arrows have the ability to home in on a moving target. You would think having a Level 2 Charged Attack would mean this is how Yoimiya primarily deals DMG. Surprisingly however, it is suboptimal to build with this in mind as each Kindling Arrow has a pitifully low multiplier (22.96% at Lv. 6). The only reasons I can think of for using Yoimiya’s Level 2 Charged Attack is to set up a Pyro Swirl (and that’s if you lack a second Pyro unit in your team) or to hunt a group of animals in the open world. Other than that, Yoimiya’s Level 2 Charged Attack is completely pointless.

Yoimiya primarily deals DMG with her Normal Attacks in conjunction with her Elemental Skill, “Niwabi Fire-Dance”. Upon casting her Skill, she gains a DMG Bonus and a Pyro Infusion to her Normal Attacks for 10 seconds. These effects will immediately expire if Yoimiya leaves the field. As a tradeoff, she loses the ability to generate any Kindling ARrows though that hardly matters given how weak they are. Those looking for a straightforward playstyle will find the combination of these two Talents extremely appealing. Just press the Skill button and spam the Attack button and you’re good to go. As a Bow user, Yoimiya can comfortably attack at range. Her Normal Attack animations are very quick, to the point that she can afford to do the full 5-hit combo before she needs to cancel with a jump or a dash.

Spamming Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks are not without some caveats. The first is that these attacks are strictly single target. In other words, Yoimiya can only attack one enemy at a time. This can however be rendered moot if Yoimiya is able to kill a target extremely quickly. Against most bosses, this is a non-issue. Another caveat is that Yoimiya’s hardest hitting Normal Attacks are at the end of the string so you will take a DPS loss if Yoimiya has to dodge and restart her attack string. You can compensate for this by teaming Yoimiya with a shielder such as Zhongli.

When Yoimiya casts her Elemental Burst, “Ryuukin Saixfrage”, she leaps into the air and fires an arrow at her target. Said target will be struck with AoE Pyro DMG and inflicted with an “Aurous Blaze”. This mark can deal AoE Pyro DMG every 2 seconds but to trigger it, someone other than Yoimiya needs to attack the marked enemy. If the inflicted opponent is defeated and there’s still time left, the Aurous Blaze will pass onto another nearby enemy. Should Yoimiya die on the field, the mark will immediately expire.

Frankly, I don’t like using Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst all that much. Despite technically being an AoE, the Aurous Blaze has very small range so it generally does little to compensate for the lack of AoE on Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks. While you’ll generally have a Sub DPS in your team, the fact remains that you pretty much need one in order to trigger the mark’s explosion. Why miHoYo decided Yoimiya herself can’t proc the explosion is beyond me. It isn’t like she can abuse it since the explosion is on a 2 second cooldown. That all said, Yoimiya’s Burst can be worth using if only for her A4 passive, which grants her teammates an ATK buff when she casts her Burst.

As a Pyro character, Yoimiya has direct access to one of the strongest Elemental Reactions, Vaporize. I recommend pairing Yoimiya with a Hydro Sub DPS such as Xinqiu or Yelan. Both characters’ Elemental Burst can attack in coordination with your active character’s Normal Attacks. Since Yoimiya is a ranged attacker, the close range Hydro application that Xingqiu can provide with his Elemental Skill don’t matter too much so the choice between him or Yelan is up to preference. I personally prefer Yelan though that is really only because I’m waifu over meta…

Melt is just as strong as Vaporize. However, there currently does not exist a Cryo Sub DPS who can attack at range or in coordination with Normal Attacks so I advise focusing on Vaporize over Melt. If you really want Yoimiya to use Melt, Rosaria is your best option. You just need to be mindful of where you place her Elemental Burst or use someone with crowd control. Ganyu can also provide off field Cyro DMG with her Burst though Ganyu can also carry her own team.

Overloaded isn’t as strong as Vaporize or Melt but Yoimiya can make good use of it. Since she’s a Bow user, she has less trouble compared to melee characters such as Diluc and Hu Tao with continuously hitting and juggling enemies that are getting knocked around by the explosions caused by Overloaded. The Reaction also allows Yoimiya to break through Geo Shields more easily. If you want Yoimiya to use Overloaded, Genshin has plenty of Electro Sub DPS for you to consider such as Fischl and Beidou.

Something to note with Yoimiya’s DPS is that her entire kit adheres to Internal Cooldown (ICD). In order words, she can only apply Pyro every 3 seconds or every 3 hits. This results in her getting Elemental Reactions less frequently and less consistently than some of her fellow Pyro characters (especially those who can ignore ICD with one of their Talents). I’m guessing this is a deliberate move made to keep Yoimiya from abusing Reactions, particularly with her fast Normal Attacks, but it is nevertheless an obnoxious hurdle that you’ll simply have to contend with.

For Artifacts, I personally equip Yoimiya with 4-Piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence. This gives her a 10 second 50% basic attack DMG Bonus at the cost of 15 Energy. The Energy cost does make it harder for Yoimiya to use her Elemental Burst but it’s a worthwhile trade given how much stronger her Normal Attacks become. If your Sub DPS doesn’t scale off of ATK, then missing out on Yoimiya’s A4 passive won’t matter too much. If you’re lucky and/or rich enough to have Yoimiya’s signature weapon, Thundering Pulse, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence becomes an even more appealing set as the 15 Energy cost will allow Yoimiya to maintain the full effect of the weapon’s passive.

Alternatively, you can equip Yoimiya with 4-Piece Echoes of an Offering. This set provides a RNG-based flat DMG boost to the wielder’s Normal Attacks. Since it does not come with an Energy cost, Yoimiya has better access to her Elemental Burst. That said, Echoes of an Offering’s RNG is dependent on your internet connection. Its performance will suffer if you have high ping. Echoes of an Offering is also paired with Vermillion Hereafter, which is currently only good on Xiao. Compare this to Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, which is paired with the extremely applicable Emblem of Severed Fate set.

While this is somewhat moot given how expensive they can get, it is worth noting that Yoimiya’s Constellations aren’t particularly valuable. C1 extends the duration of Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst and gives her a 20 second 20% ATK buff when an opponent marked by the Aurous Blaze is defeated. If you’re not using the Burst all that often, the longer uptime hardly matters. The buff is too situational to be reliable. C4 decreases Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill cooldown by 1.2 seconds if the Aurous Blaze explodes. Having a shorter cooldown is certainly nice though if you already have Yoimiya’s Skill downtime accounted for in your rotation, you probably don’t need to go all the way to C4.

Personally, I find C2 to be the most worthwhile Constellation. It gives Yoimiya a 6 second 25% Pyro DMG Bonus buff when her Pyro DMG CRITs. This can be triggered even when Yoimiya is off field. Since Yoimiya should be built with high enough CRIT Rate and she should be attacking her Pyro infused Normal Attacks, this Constellation is pretty much always active. C6 is also pretty good. While using her Elemental Skill is active, Yoimiya now has a 50% chance to fire an extra arrow that deals 60% of the preceding Normal Attack’s DMG. It does boost Yoimiya’s DPS…but it is also the sixth and final Constellation and it is therefore very expensive. If Yoimiya’s Constellations don’t sound too appealing to you, you should instead consider saving your pulls for the Thundering Pulse or for something else entirely.

Yoimiya is a solid Pyro DPS.  She does suffer from a lack of AoE in her kit but she otherwise performs very well in single target encounters and can still do fine in mob encounters if she can kill each target fast enough. If you want to be technical, Hu Tao is stronger but Yoimiya is still strong in her own right and she’s a solid choice for a second Pyro carry if you find yourself in need for one. More importantly, I find Yoimiya to be one of the more fun Pyro carries to play as, thanks to her Normal Attacks allowing for a very straightforward and spammable playstyle.

Thanks for reading!

This post was originally published on August 13, 2021

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