Tower of Fantasy – Cocoritter (Absolute Zero) Guide & Review

This post is up to date with Version 2.2.

Cocoritter is the Simulacrum tied to Absolute Zero, a SSR Frost Support Weapon. She is one of Tower of Fantasy‘s standard SSR “characters”. Primarily, her weapon is used for healing and support.

Base Kit

Absolute Zero has a pitifully low Shatter of 4.00, making it a poor choice for breaking enemy shields. Conversely, it has a high Charge of 12.50. While this makes the weapon a solid battery, it is worth noting that you often swap weapons once you start healing so you don’t necessarily keep the weapon on hand. As a standard SSR weapon from launch, Rosy Edge does not provide Frost Resonance. If you’d like to have the effect in your loadout, you’ll need to look towards other sources such as Frigg’s Balmung or Saki Fuwa’s Heartstream.

On the off chance you do use Absolute Zero on hand, I recommend performing its charged attack, Focused Assault. Not only does this hit the hardest out of the staff’s basic attacks, it also has the ability to draw certain enemies towards you and suspend them in the air for a brief time. Depending on what you’re fighting, this can be a decent form of crowd control.

Both Absolute Zero’s Skill and Discharge are functionally the same. Sanctuary, the weapon’s Skill, creates a healing zone that moves with your Wanderer and heals you and your team once every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds. Swift Deliverance, Absolute Zero’s Discharge, removes heals you and your team and removes any debuffs on everyone for 7 seconds. While there’s obviously a few differences, these two abilities more or less do the same thing. Both also happen to be very good at it as they each heal for around 100% of your ATK, thereby restoring a lot of your HP throughout their duration.

Oddly enough, I find Swift Deliverance to be the more consistent source of healing. With proper juggling, you can always cast the Discharge when your loadout has accumulated enough points. Conversely, Sanctuary suffers from an absurd cooldown of 60 seconds. For every loadout that isn’t full support, the potential downtime becomes a huge issue the more intensive combat gets. As a result, you’ll often reserve Sanctuary as a last resort. If that is actually how the devs intended, it’s weird then that the Skill has lower scaling than the Discharge. With how much more often you’d use Swift Deliverance, it’d make more sense for the multipliers to be the other way around.


Cocoritter’s Awakened form, unlocked at A3.
  • A1 – Summons a healing bee when you dodge. The drone follows you around, heals the player with the lowest HP within 15 meters, and restores 50 weapon charge points every healing tick. Note that you just need to perform a dodge summon the drone; actually evading an enemy attack is not required. This is a great Advancement for Absolute Zero. Not only will you have more healing, the weapon becomes a better battery for your weapon. Uptime isn’t an issue as the healing bee has both its duration and cooldown set to 25 seconds.
  • A2 – Increases Absolute Zero’s base HP growth by 16%.
  • A3 – Gives Absolute Zero’s Skill and your loadout’s Discharges the ability to remove debuffs on your teammates and grant them immunity to control effects and Shatter. Additionally, your teammates gain Shatter and damage buffs so long as they are within range. While this isn’t too useful for single player content, this Advancement is a great upgrade to have for multiplayer.
  • A4 – Increases Absolute Zero’s base HP growth by 32%.
  • A5 – Increases your Wanderer’s healing effect by 15%, 35% if you’re healing a target with less than 60% HP. This is perhaps a bit redundant as “Cocoritter” already heals enough pre-A5 but nevertheless, it makes her weapon better at its primary job.
  • A6 – Gives the healing bee the ability to heal all allies by 100% of your ATK when the drone is summoned or disappears from battle. Additionally, all allies within range of the drone gain a 15% buff to their damage and healing. It’s a solid upgrade to the healing bee, one that makes the drone more versatile.

As a standard SSR, Cocoritter’s Advancements can be obtained by chance and via the Commissary. With enough patience, you can get her weapon to A6 for free and any money you are willing to burn for Tower of Fantasy can be used for something else. Besides A0 and A6, I recommend having Cocoritter’s weapon at A1.


Cocoritter’s Simulacrum trait increases the healing your Wanderer gives and receives by 20%, provided that you use a Support weapon. Fully upgraded, the trait can also increases the ATK of nearby allies by 15% and for 5 seconds after your Wanderer uses a Support weapon Skill or Discharge. At its base form, this trait is redundant to have with Absolute Zero. It already heals enough on its own. The trait is better served on other support weapons you may have such as Nemesis’s Venus. The trait becomes more worthwhile if only for the ATK buff. It’s especially useful for multiplayer content.

Closing Words

Cocoritter is the premier healer in Tower of Fantasy. In a vacuum, her weapon’s healing is extremely potent and compared to other support weapons, it is unrivaled in how well it does it job. That said, all the weapon does is heal and if you want it to do other things, you’ll need its Advancements.

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