The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – Ep. 2

Episode 2 begins Anisphia’s father, King Orfans II (Kenji Hamada) conversing with his Prime Minister and Euphyllia’s father Grantz (Tomohiro Tsuboi) about how their respective daughter is doing. That’s a bit of a coincidence as Anisphia enters the royal palace with Euphyllia in tow to inform their fathers of what has just happened between Algard and Euphyllia. Suffice to say, both the king and the prime minister are shocked, with Orfans also being angry at his son’s behavior. It’s kind of interesting that both fathers believe Euphyllia’s innocence. I’d imagine they might want to investigate the allegations against her but there doesn’t appear to be any mention of that.

The two main characters have pretty different relationships with their respective father. Anisphia’s relationship with her father is played up for laughs; with the king proving to have very little patience for his daughter’s antics, even resorting to physical force to discipline her. Euphyllia’s relationship with her father however is a bit more dynamic. You can tell just by Grantz’s stoic demeanor that he’s been very strict with his daughter and expects a lot from her, be it in general or specifically in regards to her engagement with Algard. It’s all the more interesting and heartwarming then when he chooses to apologizes to Euphyllia for being so demanding. He recognizes that his daughter is at a low point and that what she needs right now isn’t a talking-to but some emotional support.

Anisphia makes a proposition to her father and the prime minister: have Euphyllia work as her assistant and public spokesperson for her research. Neither the king nor the prime minister are able to deny the procs this has for Euphyllia. By researching with Anisphia, Euphyllia can lay low and any breakthrough the two girls make may improve public opinion of her. As for Anisphia, having a public figure such as Euphyllia would make her research more presentable to the public. That said, she also makes it a very obvious that this arrangement is also an excuse for her to get closer to Euphyllia. And I do mean “closer“.

If you’re waiting for confirmation that Tenten Kakumei is a yuri show, you need not look any further than this episode. It flat out reveals that Anisphia has been out of the closet for years, with both her father and Grantz aware of her sexual orientation. Anisphia also gets very flirtatious with Euphyllia throughout the episode. She gives the two of them affectionate nicknames, Anis and Euphie respectively. She tells Euphyllia that it would be nice if she falls in love not just with magicology but with her as well. She helps Euphyllia change clothes and has her sleep in the same bed as her. Evidently, Anisphia isn’t just bold about her science. To the show’s credit, it does make sure to end the episode on exploring a more genuine side of Anisphia’s attraction to Euphyllia. Aside from thinking the noblewoman is pretty, the princess admires her collected personality and makes it clear to Euphyllia that she genuinely wants to help her and make her happy. There’s also a flashback showing a young Anisphia in awe of Euphyllia, suggesting that she has been attracted to the latter for a long time.

As for Euphie, she is understandably a bit thrown off by Anis’s blatant flirting. One funny bit that perfectly depicts this is when Euphie quickly backs away from Anis, complete with an afterimage effect. That said, Euphie does start to come around to Anis, especially during their heart to heart moment where Anis explains why she’s helping her. Ending the episode with Euphie falling asleep in Anis’s arms is a good move. Euphie probably didn’t expect to have a good night’s rest so the fact that she’s able to sleep soundly shows the positive effect Anis is having on her. By that same token, this also shows shows Euphie becoming more comfortable around Anis and placing her trust in the princess.

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