Title: Gamers!
Studio: Pine Jam
Officially Available On: Crunchyroll & Funimation.

Gamers! Ep. 2-3

Episodes 1 & 2 (First(ish) Impressions Lightning Round)

Fortunately, the people behind this show are either gamers themselves or simply did their homework.



Gamers! Ep. 3-1

Episode 3 (Lightning Round)

Be honest, who hasn’t had that kind of argument with their friends?



Gamers! Ep. 4-2

Episode 4 (Lightning Round)

Someone stage an intervention for Karen because that Amano-kun obsession is unhealthy.



Gamers! Ep. 6-3

Episodes 5-7 (Lightning Round)

This captures the minefield that is high school extremely well and it comes it with another potential minefield: the gaming community.



Gamers! Ep. 8-5

Episode 8

That is one rigged game of LIFE.




Gamers! Ep. 9-3

Episode 9

To be tsun or not to be tsun?




Gamers! Ep. 10-1

Episode 10

I don’t know who to root for anymore.




Gamers! Ep. 11-4

Episode 11

There is no way this show could satisfy all of its viewers 100%.




Gamers! Ep. 12-5

Episode 12 (END)

Oh yeah, this show is called Gamers! for a reason.