Restaurant to Another World – Ep. 7

It just occurred to me that my last post was about a week ago. Apologies for that. I guess a hectic final week at work and some brief vacation time will do that to me. Anyway…

So two crazy things happened this episode:

  1. Someone actually ate more than one dish!
  2. Nekoya got a new waitress!

Technically, our guest of the week, Alphonse, ate two dishes that both involve curry. Still, I’m somewhat shocked that a customer is even trying something new. There are pretty appropriate circumstances behind it too. The Owner has Alphonse evaluate the Chicken Curry since he knows the man would be the go to taste tester to anything involving curry. It’s very much in line with the Owner’s character: open-minded and always considering others’ inputs into his craft. What cracked me up the most is how enamored Alphonse becomes over the Chicken Curry. I have to wonder if the standard Curry Rice is still his favorite dish after speaking so passionately about the Chicken Curry.

Also, I just love Alphonse’s backstory. You would think there’d be some stiff competition among the cast considering how varied and fun their vignettes are but nope! Alphonse’s vignette is among the best. I just love the idea of a man stumbling upon Nekoya and becoming a regular there while stranded on a deserted island. It’s made even funnier when you see Alphonse look mopey on the rescue ship because he can no longer use the door on the island. Who would want to leave a deserted island if you could use an inter dimensional door and get great food once a week? Honestly, if Nekoya was available daily, I think Alphonse would’ve stayed on the island as a permanent resident. You can even tell he missed his curry rice so much because he gets very impatient for the food to arrive and keeps ordering more.

Now about the new waitress, Kuro. I do think that it’s kind of random to see Alphonse’s vignette get interrupted by this ancient dragon of death barging into the place naked. That said, I really like Kuro. I am admittedly a bit predisposed to like dragon girls after hours of playing Fire Emblem and watching Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Still, I really love how Alphonse helped Kuro out by paying for some of her servings of Chicken Curry and rice…that is he Alphonse got full/ran out of money. And yet the girl just keeps on eating! It almost felt like a rivalry with Alphonse looking a little tense as he keeps eating the meal with Kuro. It’s like the man developed this fear that his title as the Curry Rice regular would be jeopardized if Kuro ate more than him. I feel bad for Alphonse who had to exhaust his bag of coins for Kuro but I also feel bad that poor Kuro ended up in serious debt. Was she really that cut off from society that the concept of money had yet to be invented let alone taught to her.

Kuro getting hired was very exciting for me. I just like the idea of having a second waitress as Nekoya. I’m really curious about how she’ll interact with Aletta. I feel like the two are practically opposites to each other. Whereas Aletta is upbeat, anxious, and can blend in with humans; Kuro is very quiet, goes with the flow, and has zero understanding of human customs. They’re even kind of opposites by nature. Aletta is a demon girl but at this point, it’s clear that she’s very harmless. Meanwhile, Kuro looks like an elf but that appearance hides the fact that she can subconsciously kill people with her mere presence. And as icing on the cake, Kuro even dresses up like Aletta, albeit it in a darker version of her uniform. As hilarious as it was seeing Aletta get paranoid about Kuro and jump to the conclusion that she’s being replaced, it’s kind of understandable.

Lastly, I am somewhat confused that Kuro decided to visit Nekoya. I mean….she did tell the viewer in narration about her soul-sucking aura and she lives on the stinking moon to avoid killing innocents. I want to say that’ll be addressed but for all I know, it’ll probably join Aletta’s haystack as one of Restaurant to Another World‘s greatest mysteries.

Thanks for reading!

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