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Xenodude’s Scribbles is a blog run by me, Xenodude. Currently, I focus on writing about anime though I aim to branch out to other interests such as video games and movies in more extensive capacity.

Curious to know what anime I’ve covered here? I recommend checking out the Anime Archive. I have covered a number of popular anime such as The Promised Neverland, The Quintessential Quintuplets, and Violet Evergarden.

General Policies

  • Under no circumstances do I allow anyone to copy any of my content without my permission. Please contact me about reposting or citing my work. Simply linking my work through social media is 100% fine with me.
  • All images I use fall under Fair Use and are there for the purpose of blogging/reviewing. If you are the owners of a property covered on this blog, please contact me over any issues.
  • Currently, I refer to any anime covered on my blog by their English titles. Sometimes, for the sake of simplicity, I do use any abbreviated versions regardless if it’s in English or Japanese.

Ways to Support the Scribbles

Blogging is currently not a job for me and I have no intention to overtly ask anyone for money. However, on the off chance someone would like to, here are donation options that I’ve made. These also appear on the site’s main sidebar and at the footer of all of my blog posts. No obligation and entirely optional.

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