About Me

Xenodude’s Scribbles is a blog run by me, Xenodude. Currently, I focus on writing about anime though I hope to eventually blog about other things I enjoy such as video games and movies. In spite of the site’s title, I aim to write thoughtful and/or analytical posts on whatever I’m discussing (or at least when I’m in the right mood and there is a lot to talk about by default). I prefer covering anime one episode at a time before eventually writing a review for the whole series.

If you’re curious about what anime I have covered on this site, I recommend checking out my Anime Archive page. I have covered a number of popular anime such as My Hero Academia, Darling in the FranXX, Made in the Abyss, Shokugeki no Souma, and Violet Evergarden.

General Policies

  • Under no circumstances do I allow anyone to copy any of my content without my permission. Please contact me about reposting or citing my work. Simply linking my work through social media is 100% fine with me.
  • All screencaps I use fall under Fair Use and are there for the purpose of blogging/reviewing. If you are the owners of the property screencapped, please contact me over any issues.
  • Currently, I refer to any anime covered on my blog by their English titles. Sometimes, for the sake of simplicity, I do use any abbreviated versions regardless if it’s in English or Japanese.
  • Currently, I cover anime when they are officially available in North America. There’s no contract binding me to such a policy and it’s simply of my own volition. In the case of Netflix’s anime releases, this means I won’t cover them until they actually come out in the US. It sucks and believe me, I don’t love Netflix’s business strategy but I have to deal with it. I will, however, make an exception if Netflix simulcasts it outside of Japan though that is harder to figure out than one would think. I’m also willing to cover anime that isn’t officially available in North America by any means since, at that point, that is at the fault of the people licensing it. It just depends on if the anime is interesting enough to cover.

Other Stuff Pertaining to Me

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Links to Blogging Awards/Q&A Posts I’ve Written

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Ways to Support the Scribbles

Just knowing that people have read my writings and/or left a like or a comment makes me super happy. This blog is currently not a job for me and I do it entirely because I love my hobbies and sharing about them to others. On the off chance, someone wants to directly support the scribbles, one can do so with the following options:

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I also have ads currently running on the website. While I won’t force anyone, I do appreciate people turning off their Ad Blockers when visiting this blog.