About Me

Whoa, someone actually clicked on the “About Me” page? Thank you!

General Information

Xenodude’s Scribbles is a blog run by me, Xenodude. Currently, I focus on writing about anime though I hope to eventually blog about other things I enjoy such as video games and movies. In spite of the site’s title, I aim to write thoughtful and/or analytical posts on whatever I’m discussing (or at least when I’m in the right mood and there is a lot to talk about by default). I prefer covering anime one episode at a time before eventually writing a review for the whole series.

If you’re curious about what anime I have covered on this site, I recommend checking out my Anime Archive page! I have covered a number of popular anime such as Boku no Hero Academia, Darling in the FranXX, Made in the Abyss, Shokugeki no Souma, and Violet Evergarden.

General Policies:

  • Under no circumstances do I allow anyone to copy any of my content without my permission. Please contact me about reposting or citing my work. Simply linking my work through social media is 100% fine with me.
  • The screencaps I use fall under Fair Use and are there for the purpose of blogging/reviewing. If you are the owners of the property screencapped, please contact me over any issues.

Other Stuff Pertaining to Me

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Other Websites I’m On: Backloggery | MyAnimeList

Links to Blogging Awards/Q&A Posts I’ve Written

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How to Support the Scribbles

Just knowing that people have read my work and even left a like or a comment makes me super happy. That said, I have added a couple of ways you can donate and support the blog in case you ever want to do that. Blogging is currently not a job for me (not even part-time) so any money given can help me cover the cost of the following things:

  • My WordPress Plan
  • Services/subscriptions I use for blogging (i.e. Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, HIDIVE)
  • Any products I bought for the purpose of reviewing

Paypal:  Donate Button

Ko-Fi: Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Ad Revenue: This is entirely dependent on traffic so it’s a bit of a wild card. That said, I technically can recoup costs this way. Visitors who use an ad blocker can whitelist my blog’s url as an indirect way to support me. That said, I completely understand why someone would use an ad blocker, so I won’t force anyone.