Iroduku: The World in Colors

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Episode 1

“World in Colors” is a very apt subtitle. Goodness, this anime looks gorgeous.

Episode 2

Hitomi getting asked to join the photography club? I can’t help but find that awkward.

Episode 3

Need a magic wand? Buy a box of Pocky!

Episode 4

When a grandmother is Best Girl.

Episode 5

All these years and he still hasn’t taken a hint? Yep, that’s a childhood friend character all right.

Episode 6

I feel that this episode both wastes a fair chunk of time while also accomplishing a lot anyway.

Episode 7

I quite enjoy watching Hitomi slowly grow out of her anxiety.

Episode 8

Have I mentioned how much I love Kohaku?

Episode 9

The resolution for Sho’s plot thread is almost exactly how I wanted it…almost.

Episode 10

This episode, Iroduku quickly resolves one matter and then throws one hell of a curveball at its story.

Episode 11

Why must you do this to me, Iroduku?

Episode 12

Bittersweet is definitely the first word I’d use to describe this final stretch.

Episode 13

To repeat what I said back in my First Impressions, “The World in Colors” is a very apt subtitle.