Iroduku: The World in Colors – Ep. 7

Oh, so Hitomi being able to see colors was actually a temporary thing. That makes sense and in regards to her character development, it’s perhaps for the better. A big concern I raised in my last Episode Review was that if that change was permanent, how invested would Hitomi still be in Aoi’s drawings? You know, the major linchpin of the two characters’ relationship? I’m sure the writers could’ve make that work but the direction they ended up taking proves to be just as engaging.

That Hitomi regained her sense of colors, even if for a fleeting moment, in response to Aoi’s newfound resolve to draw, still speaks a great deal about these two’s mutual bond. Mainly, that they seem to have each other as motivation in persevering through their insecurities about their respective craft. Also, rather than bemoan the fact that she can’t see colors again, Hitomi now seems more curious about what exactly colors look like than ever before. Aoi’s drawings obviously still help sate that interest (and goodness, that new drawing is stunning) but now, Hitomi seems willing to finally seek everyone else’s help. I am admittedly stunned that it took seven episodes for this to happen (how the hell did she get away with it anyway?) but this is still great progress in this arc.

While all that is happening, some spotlight is shone over to Kurumi who appears to be struggling over what she wants to do in life as she approaches college. That she has an older sister passionately pursuing the culinary arts and Aoi and Shou have also figured out what they want to do doesn’t help either. The key players who help assuage her worries end up being Chigusa and Hitomi.

I’ve largely found Kurumi and Chigusa pushing each other’s buttons charming but this episodes does contextualize why exactly the former ends up feeling so drawn to the latter. Whereas Kurumi is so hung up on the future, Chigusa very much lives in the moment as evident when he makes the whole club chase after a ferry he wanted to photograph at the end of the episode. Naturally, he’s not too concerned about his upperclassman’s future. He just wants her to enjoy what’s happening now. Hitomi, meanwhile offers some advice via some magical fortune telling; admittedly it’s the same advice Kohaku just gave her (goodness, that girl really is acting like a grandmother) but the point nevertheless stands. I quite enjoy watching Hitomi slowly grow out of her anxiety and help a friend dealing with a somewhat similar dilemma.

There’s some other scenes I want to bring up before I end this review. First is a specific conversation between Shou and Aoi in which the former says whoever of the two of them makes a good work of art becomes the “winner”. I’m confused (and to be fair, so is Aoi). Who would be winning what exactly? I want to say it’s maybe winning Hitomi’s heart considering all the romantic subtext floating around. It seems like a friendly bout but darn it, when will Shou take a hint about Asagi already? For crying out loud, he even just made her the next club president!

I do really like that detail though as well as the fact that Hitomi is “elected” to become the vice president. Once again, there’s a parallel to be found here as both Asagi and Hitomi are very reserved people now being tasked to step out of their shells into very important positions. Watching these two act all shy about it is really charming too. That said, I kind of question the permanence of Hitomi’s role as VP. I mean…she is from the future…did everyone forget that part?

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