Banana Fish

Title (Japanese): バナナフィッシュ
Title (English): Banana Fish
Studio: MAPPA
Episodes: 24
Streaming: Amazon
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Banana Fish Ep. 1-3Episode 1

I never read the Banana Fish manga but the sheer prestige surrounding it made its anime adaptation one of the most promising arrivals of Summer 2018.

Banana Fish Ep. 2-5Episode 2

Things might be a bit too eventful in Banana Fish but I’m still liking it.

Banana Fish Ep. 3-4Episode 3

That’s one way to get the ship sailing.

Banana Fish Ep. 4-6Episode 4

I’m finding death to be a very weightless quality in Banana Fish.

Banana Fish Ep. 5-3Episode 5

I think I just like seeing everyone come together as some sort of team.

Banana Fish Ep. 6-1Episode 6

Woohoo, road trip episode!

Banana Fish Ep. 7-3Episode 7

For some reason, I felt pretty disconnected with the latest developments in Banana Fish.

Banana Fish Ep. 8-2Episode 8

That is one contrived case of hubris.

Banana Fish Ep. 9-4Episode 9

For once, a moment in Banana Fish that genuinely feels gripping and anguishing.

Banana Fish Ep. 10-6Episode 10

We all needed something like this.

Banana Fish Ep. 11-4Episode 11

Pumpkins…why did it have to be pumpkins?

Banana Fish Ep. 12-2Episode 12

The tone here can feel strange and yet, it’s also true to how these characters would act.

Banana Fish Ep. 13-3Episode 13

Expecting Arthur to play fair is the best joke this show has told so far.

Banana Fish Ep. 14 FIEpisode 14

Horny nurses and an assassin. What a day at the hospital.

Banana Fish Ep. 15 FIEpisode 15

The first mixed bag in a while.

Banana Fish Ep. 16-5Episode 16

The only thing missing in this episode is a laugh track.

Banana Fish Ep. 17-5Episode 17

Surprisingly, there’s a new villain introduced this late into the story.

Banana Fish Ep. 18 FIEpisode 18

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Banana Fish was just apartment antics between Ash and Eiji.

Banana Fish Ep. 19-5Episode 19

It’s crazy for me to think that I once thought Banana Fish’s villains were weak.

Banana Fish Ep. 20-1Episode 20

Smoothest rescue mission ever.

banana fish ep. 21-3Episode 21

Did we really need yet another new character introduced in Banana Fish?

banana fish ep. 22-5Episode 22

There was one upside to falling behind on Banana Fish: temporarily sparing myself the cruelty this show was about to dish out.

banana fish ep. 23-6Episode 23

If this episode really is the last time Ash and Eiji are together, I’d say this show made it count.

banana fish ep. 24-5Episode 24

It’s been a bumpy ride but it’s one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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