Banana Fish – Ep. 13

Yes, I almost forgot to check Banana Fish‘s thirteenth episode. Between the week long break the show took and all the new shows premiering this Fall season, this episode just ended up getting shoved to the wayside. Sadly, I’ll have to be play things more casually this time around to avoid falling behind on blogging in general. It’s a small consequence but eh, I’m still a little peeved because boy was this episode good!

  • This episode is squarely dedicated to the climatic duel between Ash and Arthur. Obviously, expecting the latter to play fair is the funniest joke Banana Fish has told thus far. In the end though, all the cheap tricks Arthur pulls fails miserably and he is forced to fight Ash the way it’s intended. Also, Ash’s gunfight in the train is badass; easily my favorite fight in the series so far.
  • Even up until his death, I just never found Arthur all that interesting. This episode sort of tries to give more pathos but even with that, he just feels so cartoonishly evil. At least he was a fun threat this episode.
  • Big surprise: Eiji doesn’t go to Japan. It would’ve been really funny if Banana Fish had cut to Ibe just waiting at the airport all confused.
  • Eiji’s presence seems to still be both a pro and a con for Ash. On one hand, Eiji showing up at the end compelled Ash to end Arthur’s life sooner but it does briefly make Ash hesitate as he doesn’t want Eiji to see him as a killer.
  • The whole leopard in Mt. Kilimanjaro is a great metaphor on Ash’s character. It articulates on what keeps him going; either that he is so lost in life or that he thinks there’s something for living for so he keeps going.
  • It looks like Cain and Sing are likely to become Ash’s allies. Them helping Ash against Arthur is at least a telling sign. Sing is maybe a bit surprising though considering Shorter’s death. Then again, who would really root for Arthur?
  • I guess Ash is going to prison again. At least Eiji will join him?
  • No new OP and ED. I guess I’m okay with it because the songs we have are great but still…

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