Banana Fish – Ep. 14

Well, I have some catching up to do. That’s entirely on me. A ton of new anime, my job, life in general. It happens. You’ll have to excuse the quick, bullet point format. It’s not my preferred way to write but it does suffice as a last resort and I kind of need to be quick if I’m to catch up and include Banana Fish in my Midseason Rankings. I’m hoping to cover this show normally by Episode 18.

  • So instead of going to prison again, Ash is actually sent to the hospital. I probably should’ve figure that’d be the case considering his injuries. In my defense, I was really tired when I was watching Ep. 13.
  • Wow, they actually did cut to Ibe and Max at the airport. A much more serious scene than I anticipated. Props to Ibe for accepting that Eiji and Ash need each other in their lives.
  • I feel bad for Jenkins and Charlie. Nothing ever seems to go their way.
  • Surprisingly, Yue-Lung frees Eiji from prison to capture him. Goodness, how many times has Eiji been taken hostage at this point? On a more serious note, I imagine Yue-Lung did this to gain some leverage over Ash.
  • Did Yue-Lung drug his brother with Banana Fish? If so, that’s really dark even by this show’s standards.
  • So the corrupt politicians and generals Golzine is in cahoots with decide to take matters into their own hands. First, they try to kill Ash and then they capture him. The lack of Golzine in this episode suggests that these people are doing this all of their own accord. An interesting twist; I’ve always enjoyed how many sides there are in Banana Fish‘s central conflict.
  • Horny nurses and an assassin. What a day at the hospital. At this point, I think Jennifer is the most normal female character that has appeared in this show.
  • Some tweets gave it away that Ash is still alive though I honesty wasn’t convinced he died at the end of this episode. The timing of the announcement just feels odd and relocating Ash seems like a lot of work needed to kill him. Still, you have to wonder why he’s declared dead.

OP 2: “Freedom” by BLUE ENCOUNT

Nothing was going to top “Lost & Found” for me but I do quite like the sense of finality “Freedom” evokes. Also, why you got to show Shorter again, Banana Fish?!

ED 2: “RED” by Survive Said The Prophet

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