Iroduku: The World in Colors – Ep. 9

So the people behind Iroduku finally decided to tackle the love quadrangle head on. This sure persisted, huh? A month ago, I was hoping the stuff that happened in Episode 5 would be it and Asagi would eventually muster the courage to confess to Sho. Alas, that probably won’t happen for another episode (or God, maybe even longer than that) and being the blockhead that he is, Sho finally made his move.

I pick on Sho (and to be honest, I kind of find it fun to do so) but to be fair, I actually do like his character. Really, I do. Upon thinking it further, his connection with Hitomi plays off very nicely with Yuito and Hitomi’s. Whereas Yuito’s drawing help Hitomi see a world she longs for, Sho’s expertise in photography allows her to appreciate what world she can see. Both men have really helped her be happy again.

And I’ll also give Sho this much: you can tell that he’s put a lot of thought into whether or not he wants to ask Hitomi out. He struggles to send informal text messages to her. He keeps his distance during the date and only confesses at the last minute. He even tells Yuito that he and Hitomi are going to hang out together when he really didn’t need to. It doesn’t come across a taunt either, just something to say for the sake of transparency since Sho probably knows how close Yuito and Hitomi are. All this does feel very in-character. Sho often talks about how he wants to enjoy his final year in high school with no regrets of any kind so him figuring out if he really wants to cross this romantic line makes sense.

How Hitomi reacts to his confession is also in line with her character. Of course, that would re-awaken her anxiety. It’s taken her varying amounts of time to feel comfortable about everything else — being in a circle of friends, pursuing hobbies, telling people she’s from the future and can’t see colors (which again, took half of the episodes). I 100% buy her feeling so taken aback at Sho and needing a couple of days to respond, even when her answer is a firm “No”. Fortunately and as per usual, some of the other characters help Hitomi figure out what she wants to do. Best Girl Granny Kohaku tries her best to impart some wisdom, as always (okay, how has no one asked her out before?). To my surprise, Asagi also encourages Hitomi to give an answer, both for her sake and Sho’s. And speaking of which…

The resolution is almost exactly how I wanted it. I say almost because while Hitomi rejects Sho and Sho (mostly) takes it well as I had hoped, Asagi ends up thinking she lost. I figured Iroduku wouldn’t truly address her arc until next episode but God fucking damn it, why did she have to run off like that? At least hear from Hitomi first before jumping to conclusions. Frankly, I’m surprised she jumped to conclusions to begin with. I knew she had low self-esteem but goodness, was it really that low? Sho seriously can’t take a hint sooner.

Other Thoughts:

  • I would’ve loved it if you had Chigusa and Kurumi stalk Sho and Hitomi’s date. Courteous of them to not do that but it still would’ve been really funny.
  • Watching all the boys who have been avoiding Kohaku look so sad and defeated when the girls start asking her about her love life is one of the funniest jokes in this whole show. Guess them fearing her magic became an excuse. And again, HOW HAS NO ONE ASKED THIS GIRL OUT?!

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