Goblin Slayer – Ep. 9

No goblin gets spared in this anime and seeing as how the team has some unfinished business these past couple of episodes, it’s time for payback. Guess we got to add rubble to the list of things Goblin Slayer is banned from using now. It was awesome while it lasted what with Goblin Slayer tasking Dwarf to collapse the ruins while everyone ducks underneath the goblins’ own magic mirror for cover. Even better is that the debris falling through the mirror presumably kills the goblins on the other side. Say what you will about Goblin Slayer but it is very creative when it comes to action. And sure, the animation isn’t exactly White Fox’s A game but the staging and the crazy plans Goblin Slayer cooks up more than makes up for it.

After the battle, Goblin Slayer confronts Sword Maiden, having suspected that she knew more about the goblins’ machinations than she let on. Maybe it’s the lack of nudity or erect nipples but for once, I am able to take the latter completely seriously. There’s been plenty talk before about her traumatizing experience with goblins but this is the first time you really see how those memories affect her actions in the present. She knew exactly what the goblins but she couldn’t bring herself to directly fight them alone. Thus, she instead hires Goblin Slayer to save face and maybe to find someone who might understand her.

Goblin Slayer’s response is an interesting one. He outright admits that he can’t relate with her pain. He may have witness his sister get raped and killed by goblins but he is but a witness; not a victim or rather not the same exact kind of victim as Sword Maiden. Therefore, Goblin Slayer thinks he couldn’t possibly be the hero she is looking for, the one who could save her from her trauma. In spite of all that, Goblin Slayer does say that he can at least kill any goblin for her whenever she asks. After all, the profession is in the name. That seems to make Sword Maiden happy…maybe a bit too happy. Did she just admit she’ll be dreaming of him? This really is a harem anime.

Oh my God, please tell me the next episode will feature Goblin Slayer making ice cream. I thought for sure his interest in how to make it last episode was him wanting to discover a new way to kill goblins. Maybe that is still the case but wow, I’m shocked that he genuinely wants to make such treats, let alone with friends. I can just picture it already with him churning the bowl of ice cream while still wearing his helmet because of course he would. Seriously, a whole episode, no, a whole spin-off series dedicated to this would make my day.

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4 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer – Ep. 9

  1. Oh, it would be so nice; Sweets with GS – the new Goblin Slayer spin off in which we get to get up close and intimate with GS and his friends, while making delicious treats.

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      1. Ice Cream Man… I like it! I approve. 👍🏻 And you are right, better leave them goblins out of the title. 🤔 Can’t have any confused viewers now, can we. 😎

        Liked by 1 person

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