Goblin Slayer

Title (Japanese): ゴブリンスレイヤー
Title (English): Goblin Slayer
Studio: White Fox
Episodes: 12
Streaming: Crunchyroll | Funimation
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Goblin Slayer Ep. 1-5Episode 1

I see why this premiere made such a stink with viewers…

Goblin Slayer Ep. 2-2Episode 2

Is there a double meaning to the name “Cow Girl”?

Goblin Slayer Ep. 3-4Episode 3

Fellowship of All These Dead Goblins

Goblin Slayer Ep. 4-3Episode 4

Huh, a girl getting traumatized from hunting goblins. Where have I seen this before?

Goblin Slayer Ep. 5-5Episode 5

An episode without dead goblins? I’m out.

Goblin Slayer Ep. 6-4Episode 6

Goblins on a boat? I think we all know what song fits that image best.

Goblin Slayer Ep. 7-4Episode 7

If you think Goblin Slayer hasn’t been all that edgy lately, this episode has got you covered.

Goblin Slayer Ep. 8-4Episode 8

Darn it, why are there so many candidates for Best Girl?

Goblin Slayer Ep. 9-4Episode 9

Guess we got to add rubble to the list of things Goblin Slayer is banned from using now.

Goblin Slayer Ep. 10-5Episode 10

Okay, but where’s the ice cream?

Goblin Slayer Ep. 11-3
Episode 11

Bribery and prep time will get you anywhere.

Goblin Slayer Ep. 12-2Episode 12

And so the goblin slaying has come to an end…for now.

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