Goblin Slayer – Ep. 4

Huh, a girl getting traumatized from hunting goblins. Where have I seen this before?

I suppose we need to go through the cycles again since High Elf Archer appears to have not read Goblins for Dummies. And I’ll admit: Priestess acting a little desensitized and telling her that she’ll get used to covering her scent with blood was pretty darn funny. Still, it’s hard to shrug off the feeling of deja vu. Say what you will about Episode 1 but Priestess’s shock and powerlessness when she and her group first confronted goblins sold the message more or less. Frankly, it’s a bit odd that an adventurer as high ranking as High Elf here has never heard of what goblins are capable of, let alone actually deal with them. And how come it’s always the girls dealing with this kind of shock? First Priestess, now her. Dwarf and Lizard seemed to stomach the horrors just fine.

You know what I did enjoy about this episode? Seeing everyone fight. It’s definitely more entertaining that way than having Goblin Slayer be this singular, edgy action hero. Everyone has some interesting abilities. High Elf naturally uses a bow and arrow. Dwarf casts some magic which is a bit atypical for a fantasy story to do. Lizard seems to be a jack of all trades in that he can conjure summons (let’s face it, it’s Dry Bones) and fight with a sword along with Goblin Slayer. Hell, even Priestess has her moment to shine when she casts Protection against that ogre’s fire spell. I suppose it really was fortunate that she tagged along after all. Even Goblin Slayer has some magic up his sleeve, using a warp gate scroll and unleash highly pressurized water to cut the ogre’s limbs off. I won’t lie, that was a legitimately badass moment.

If there is one takeaway to have with this episode, it’s that Goblin Slayer isn’t as singularly minded as we’re led to believe. Considering that he honored Wizard’s request to kill her, I really did think he was about to kill that elf hostage. I’m shocked that he even knew that she meant to kill the goblins lurking in the room in the first place and not her specifically. Even more surprising is him confronting the ogre. It would’ve been really funny if he’d just sit this one out and make it the others’ problem to deal with but I guess if the situation calls for it, he will fight non-goblins. Maybe someone should tell him that there’s goblins where the Demon King lives. He could inadvertently save the world if everyone plays their cards right.

I figured this party of five would be here to stay though it’s a matter of figuring why exactly any of the new members want to in the first place. High Elf seems to have found her reason as her revulsion over all the dead goblins has made he realize that Goblin Slayer probably has no idea what a “normal” adventure is meant to look like. I’m sure something along those lines would do wonders for a man like him but what are the odds that High Elf will ever convince him to tag along for a goblin-free quest? I would love to see this girl try.

Not going to lie, that post-credit scene had me feeling tense, certainly in a way past efforts did not. There’s just something about seeing someone as likable as Cow Girl alone in the dark with the camera behind her back. You can just see the death flag waving in the frame. It ended up just being Goblin Slayer but I have to hand it to this show: it does have characters I’m coming to care and concern for.

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2 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer – Ep. 4

    1. Yeah, I’m glad I stuck with “Goblin Slayer” for a bit longer. I had a feeling that what would make or break it even more is when the whole team is formed.

      There’s flaws for sure but I’m finding plenty to like with this show.

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