The Quintessential Quintuplets – Ep. 6

Note: This review was originally part of a Lightning Round post.

Oh no, I’m liking Ichika a lot. And here I thought Miku was a lock for Best Girl. What’s weird is that Ichika is winning me over because she’s rooting for Miku. I’m so conflicted as I am still rooting for Miku but goddamn it, Ichika deserves a chance too!

That aside, it is great having three quintuplets on board with learning under Fuutarou’s tutelage. Why, it feels like an actual group now. I’ve been finding Quintessential Quintuplets as its strongest when it’s just focusing on one girl so it’s doing itself a favor fleshing out the overall chemistry of its characters now.

The other girls sure are stubborn. I try to keep the Nino tangents to a minimum but this girl really does lessen the entertainment value of the show she’s in. She’ll no doubt come around but right now, she doesn’t have enough redeemable qualities. She’s just rude and lazy. Give Itsuki credit, at least she is trying to study on her own. I can’t blame her for disliking Fuutarou either. Sure, the guy’s job is now on the line but that doesn’t excuse how rude he got. I just wish he was able to properly apologize to Itsuki like he wanted. Damn you, Nino!

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