The Promised Neverland – Ep. 6

I do have one new bone to pick with The Promised Neverland and it’s how the show sometimes feeds new information to us. With Isabella’s secret room and the recently revealed William Minerva books, I’ve noticed that Emma just so happens to stumble upon this stuff offscreen. It’s not terrible direction per se and in the case of the Minerva books, the possibility of a ally from the outside world is great conceptually. But if you asked me if I think this is the most natural way to progress the plot, I’d probably say “no”. I’m just saying, it wouldn’t have hurt if you have a couple scenes where Emma is reading the Minerva books to the toddlers and gradually have her pick up on the Morse code. Make the audience overlook certain details early on and surprise them at how relevant they prove to be in future episodes.

What actually entails in Isabella’s secret room makes for a peculiar sight. Why would Isabella hold onto all of her children’s possessions? I doubt it’s out of fondness and the idea of her being a hoarder is too silly to even consider. Most likely, those items might not belong to anyone at all. They’re just an assortment of items used to keep everyone lulled in a false sense of security and have been cycled through for different kids. It wouldn’t surprise me if Conny was one of many owners of Little Bernie.

This discovery does make Don and Gilda realize that Emma, Norman, and Ray must be withholding some details from them. I’m glad that this happened at the sixth episode as keeping those two in the dark about them being livestock as well as Conny’s death never saw well with me. That and it’s nice of Neverland to acknowledge that they weren’t being too involved in the escape plan so far. It very much is on the trio for not being completely transparent though I really like the subversive route taken where Don concludes that they did it because they knew he wouldn’t take it terribly well. In that sense, he really is the weak link and the only way to fix is that to get on the same level as his friends. Fortunately, everyone works it out and apologizes, even Ray which is a little odd since we still don’t know what his true intent is.

Some interesting developments occur in the last third. Emma tells Norman a new plan to get everyone out and Norman finds something left for him by Ray. I’d elaborate further but the truth is that Neverland refrains from giving away all the details. Perhaps the show is playing unfair there but the bigger takeaway is that six episodes in and it’s still unclear what exactly will happen on inevitable escape. Knowing that Norman agreed to Ray’s terms, will he actually go through with Emma’s plan? Could the item left by Ray come in handy for that plan? I have to hand it to Neverland, it keeps me wondering.

The villains also make their move here. I can’t say I’m surprised that Ray has been picked to be next child shipped out but it is gloriously cruel that the deadline for everyone to escape now rests on the kid who has plotted it for the longest time. Whether it was a move directly made by Isabella or not, it’s to be expected that she’d go through with it. She’s no fool and I kind of figured she would’ve gotten rid of Ray once she thinks he’s outlived his utility.

Meanwhile, you have Krone reveal that the she eavesdropped on everyone’s conversation last night. Honestly, I was actually hoping something like that would happen. Look, those kids were conversing in hallways and in big open rooms. Someone was bound to catch them red-handed. It does, however, raise an eyebrow when Krone offers to ally with the kids. I mean, I kind of see what her aim is: let the kids “escape”, capture them yourself, and take all the credit while Isabella loses her job. It’s a win win situation for Krone and what’s bad for the kids is that to avoid getting ratted out, they have to accept her bait.

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4 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland – Ep. 6

  1. “Why would Isabella hold onto all of her children’s possessions?”

    Think back to the first episode… Where takes a child’s artwork (Connies?) off the wall, and cradles it very gently and obviously lovingly. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was Ray all grown up – having traded the lives of others for her own survival.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that was Conny’s drawing in Episode 1. It’d be weird if Isabella took down someone else’s drawing.

      Anyway, when I was working on this post’s draft, I was contemplating if Isabella might care some amount about the children but I feel that I need more clues to go off before even considering such an interpretation. I leaned more towards items being cycled through because it’s such a disturbing possibility.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Matching the two theories together…. She’s desperately trying to assuage her guilt by bringing happiness to another child… F*ck, that made sense in my head, but it’s even more disturbing when I type it out.

        Liked by 1 person

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