The Quintessential Quintuplets – Ep. 9

Yeah, I’m a little behind on anime right now. Long story short: the past weekend kept me busy, I got sick, and playing catch up has been tricky due to work on weekdays. Any time I do have to spare has also been largely towards getting the Spring Season Preview done on time. Expect a bunch of these Quickie type of Episode Reviews for the new couple of days. It’s not ideal but it’s been long enough since I last posted so this will have to do. Hope you’re all cool with this.

Anyway, here’s some bullet points on Quintuplets:

  • Mighty convenient how the upcoming school trip has a campfire dance that brings couples together. To be honest, I first thought this was some master plan concocted by Yotsuba to get closer to Fuutarou.
  • I love that Ichika just happens to have a wig in her bag in case someone needs to impersonate her. So prepared.
  • Very conflicted about Miku pretending to be Ichika proclaiming she’ll dance with Fuutarou at the campfire. On one hand, I want it to be Miku. On the other hand, I’m relieved that at least it’s Ichika. Goodness, I hope they don’t throw Yotsuba into the mix. Don’t make this harder than it already is.
  • It has been kind of fun hearing the seiyuus impersonate one another though I think we peaked a long time ago with Miku Itou’s Ayane Sakura impression.
  • This extra sure is obsessed with “Ichika” and Fuutarou holding hands as proof that they’re a couple. Really? It’s just holding hands. Was the arm grabbing really not that intimate looking?
  • A little clumsy how Miku ponders the feeling of love, especially with inquiring from the person she’s trying to reject in Ichika’s place, though I don’t want to harp on it since she is meant to be socially awkward.
  • Oh no, Raiha got the cold. There really is a death flag on her! And…she’s all better a scene later…did we even need this scene?
  • The most shocking thing about the bath scene is that Fuutarou didn’t walk into the scene “by accident”. It’s a mixed bath too!
  • Yotsuba tying a towel around her head like her usual hair bow…too cute.
  • I’d still prefer Miku to win but I was really hoping Ichika was going to go ahead and kiss Fuutarou. Goddamn it Itsuki, why won’t you admit defeat already?
  • Maybe there’s some potential with Ichika’s current crossroad between school and her acting career. I don’t know, it feels a little similar to Yotsuba deciding between the basketball club and Fuutarou’s tutelage which happened last episode.

All in all, this is pretty much an in between kind of episode. It’s more just set up for the upcoming school camp but some interesting progress has been made with Miku and Ichika.

Thanks for reading!

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