Domestic Girlfriend – Ep. 9

As mentioned before, catch up has been tricky due to lost time and work so for now, I’m doing a couple of Quickies for certain shows. Hope you’re all okay with that.

  • Oh, so Hina was actually thinking of moving out this whole time. Okay, it’s not unrealistic for her to consider such a thing but from a writing standpoint, it’s too deliberate that she only brought it up now.
  • I never thought Shuu was an evil person per se but I did like him a lot more in his reappearance. Kudos to him for divorcing his wife for reasons outside of his affair with Hina as well as distance himself from Hina despite his feelings towards her. Oddly enough, he is the right kind of person for Rui to consult with. If anyone knows Hina, Shuu would certainly fit the bill.
    • Mighty coincidental though that he and Kiriya-sensei are old college buddies. Who would’ve thought?
  • Holy incest, Rui is getting friendzoned so hard. I know this should ideally happen but it’s so sad and defeating.
    • To go off that, it is vexing how Natsuo tells Rui to just see him as family and then later gets kinky with his other stepsister. Hypocritical, don’t you think?
  • Using an apartment key and drowning with someone do not measure the same kind of resolve. Hina is practically making things easy for Natsuo to commit to their relationship.
  • Shocked that Domestic Girlfriend didn’t immediately jumped to Natsuo and Hina banging. Seriously, it felt like watching a really, really tamed doujin in anime form. I buy Natsuo getting all horny but I have a harder time imagining Hina requesting that they take their time. Really? This is the same woman who masturbated over her ex-boyfriend not too long ago.
  • Figured Alex would be here to stay but I still ponder if he has any important role to play. So far, he’s here so that the Literature Club now have five members.
    • Speaking of the Literature Club, where’s Momo and Miu?
  • Hina acts completely professional towards Natsuo at school to protect their relationship. Makes sense. Shortly after, she and Natsuo secretly kiss in a school hallway when no one’s looking…Seems counterproductive if you ask me.

As you can probably tell, I’m vexed over how Domestic Girlfriend has been leaning towards Natsuo x Hina. That said, I should point out that I’m only questioning at the moment as I imagine how this entire plot thread will fare rests on the resolution. It’s hard to really picture this relationship sailing smoothly but hopefully, the writer(s) are aware of that. I am starting to take issues with the writing though I wouldn’t go as far as to call these latest happenings contrived or boring.

Thanks for reading!

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