Genshin Impact Character Review – Beidou

Beidou is a 4-Star Electro Claymore character from Liyue. In addition to the gacha, she can be obtained with Masterless Starglitter in “Paimon’s Bargains” during the months of February and August. Beidou primarily serves as a Sub DPS support for her team.

Beidou is the first ever playable character in Genshin Impact with a parry mechanic. When she  uses her Elemental Skill, “Tidecaller”, she performs an Electro-based spin attack with her Claymore. While this Talent can be used at any given time, its full power materializes when you hold the Skill button. Doing so will have Beidou form a temporary Shield around her to absorb incoming attacks. Once she absorbs one or two hits, release the Skill button and the spin attack will deal increased DMG. The increase is naturally higher if Beidou absorbs two hits as opposed to just one. If you’re very good with the timing, Beidou’s A1 passive allows her to alternatively release a maximized counter if the Skill button is pressed right as she is about to get hit. At Lv. 6, Tidecaller has a base multiplier of 170.24%. Absorbing one hit will add 224% and absorbing doubles this increase. If Beidou absorbs two hits, her Skill multiplier totals to an impressive 618%, making Tidecaller one of the hardest hitting Elemental Skills in the game when done right.

Counterattacking with Beidou is undeniably the flashiest of her Talents and it is most certainly a lot of fun to pull off. It can however be at odds with Genshin’s combat loop. Thing is, Beidou can only perform a maxed counter if the enemy is willing to cooperate. While enemies in Genshin typically telegraph their attacks, they also tend to just do their own things and rarely can they be manipulated into performing certain actions for you. Sometimes, enemies will just stand around and waste your time as you wait to hit back at them. And be it poor timing on your part or Beidou isn’t getting attacked enough, a subpar parry will naturally lead to a DPS loss. This can be tolerated in the open world but for timed challenges such as the Spiral Abyss, you cannot afford to waste seconds to anticipate enemy behavior to parry and you have to be good at perfectly timing your counters. Beidou’s parry mechanic is a ton of fun but it has an odd place in Genshin’s meta as the game’s combat simply does not encourage waiting around to efficiently kill things. Eviently, miHoYo may have realized this as well as the next character with a parry mechanic, Yun Jin, has a far more generous requirement for her perfect counter.

Despite the appeal of her Elemental Skill, the real reason you use Beidou is actually her Elemental Burst, “Stormbreaker”. Upon activation, Beidou will create a “Thunderbeast’s Targe” around herself. While this aura is active, it will deal Electro DMG in coordination with your active character’s Normal and Charged Attacks. In addition to that, the aura also grants your active character a DMG reduction and increased resistance to interruption. The coordinated attack is especially noteworthy for its ability to “jump” onto other enemies near your target, about 2 times for a C0 Beidou. In other words, if you strike one opponent and there are two nearby, all of them will get struck by Beidou’s Burst. Because of this, Beidou makes for a very good Electro Sub DPS in mob encounters as well as a good contributor to Electro-related Reactions.

As a trade off, Stormbreaker has a high Energy cost of 80, making Energy a bit of an issue for Beidou. If Beidou is your sole Electro unit on your team, you will need to stack a lot of Energy Recharge. Fortunately, Version 2.0 has made this less of a risk by adding the Emblem of Severed Fate set. The 4 piece effect of this set compensates its user with Burst DMG Bonus in proportion to their Energy Recharge, making it a solid set to farm for Beidou. Regardless of whether or not you pick this set for Beidou, there is still the matter of particle generation. Tidecaller with 2 absorbed hits under its belt generates 4 Electro particles if it hits an enemy. While actually not a bad amount, this gain only procs if you get the full counter. Any other tier and Tidecaller only generates 2 Electro particles so the Skill can make for an inconsistent source of Energy. If you’d like more consistency or you don’t want to sacrifice too much offense for Energy Recharge, I highly recommend pairing Beidou with another Electro unit as her battery.

In theory, the best Electro battery for Beidou is the Raiden Shogun. The latter provides both a steady flow of Electro particles as well as flat Energy. With her Elemental Burst, she could also act as a viable driver for Beidou’s. Unfortunately, miHoYo decided to kneecap the synergy between these two characters as Beidou’s Burst does not proc when Raiden is using hers. To use both in a team, you have to use their Bursts separately from each other. You can make it work but the rotation is awkward and lengthy and there are other comps involving one of these characters with smoother gameplay. If you’d rather not try to make the Raiden and Beidou dream team work, the next character to consider is Fischl. While Fischl doesn’t provide any flat Energy, she does provide a steady flow of particles. With the right build, she can supply Beidou with particles just as efficiently as Raiden. If you’re new or super F2P, the Electro Traveler is also viable. Their particle generation is poor but their Talents can provide Beidou with a lot of flat Energy. And unlike Raiden, the Traveler’s Burst can be used alongside Beidou’s.

With her A4 passive, Beidou gains a DMG and Speed increase to her Normal and Charged Attacks after she performs a full counter. Because of this passive, it is viable to use Beidou as a carry. Bear in mind however that Beidou lacks an Electro infusion and there currently doesn’t exist a character who can provide her with one. Her basic attacks deal Physical DMG by default and she arguably wants Electro DMG Bonus more since her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are her best source of DPS. Regardless if you build Beidou for Physical DMG or not, you should consider pairing her with a Cryo unit so that she at least enjoys the enemy Physical RES Debuff provided by Superconduct. Also recommended is pairing Beidou with Yun Jin for a flat DMG boost to the former’s Normal Attacks.

For Constellations, you want to have Beidou’s C2 at the very least. This constellation adds 2 jumps to her Elemental Burst’s coordinated attack, thus increasing the maximum number of targets to 5. It is an invaluable spike to Beidou’s DPS potential. Also helpful is her sixth and final Constellation, which adds a 15% Electro RES debuff to her Burst. This effect throughout the Burst’s entire 15 second duration and enemies only need to be near your active character in order to get afflicted with it. For all intents and purposes, it is a permanent DMG boost to the ult. Mileage will frankly vary with Beidou’s C1 and C4. C1 gives you a Shield when Beidou casts her Elemental Burst. It’s a nice bonus but I wouldn’t rely too much on it as it absorbs off of Beidou’s Max HP and very poorly to boot (a measly 16% in fact). The only other thing that scales on HP is the temporary shield Beidou puts on when using her Skill so it is not a stat you’ll be actively stacking on her. C4 adds a small instance of Electro DMG to her Normal Attacks. It’s a minor boost to a carry Beidou, especially if she remains built for Electro DMG. A full on Electro Infusion would’ve been better however.

Beidou is a solid pick for an Electro Sub DPS. I personally prefer Fischl due to having lower Energy needs and slightly better uptime but for mob encounters, Beidou can be a better fit due to how much her Elemental Burst spikes when it’s able to hit multiple enemies at once. Fortunately, both characters can be obtained for free in Paimon’s Bargains so which unit you’d rather have first is up to you.

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This post was originally published on July 30, 2021

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