Angel Beats!

Title (Japanese): エンジェルビーツ!
Title (English): Angel Beats!
Studio: P.A. Works
Episodes: 13 (+2 OVAs)
Streaming: Crunchyroll | Funimation | Netflix
External Links: Official Website | Anime News Network | LiveChart | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Angel Beats! OP 1-1Episode 1

My Heart, This Anime.

Angel Beats! Ep. 2-30Episode 2

This episode has some of funniest moments but also one of the darkest. That’s Angel Beats! for you.

Angel Beats! Ep. 3-21Episode 3

One of my favorite characters in one of my favorite episodes of the show.

Angel Beats! Ep. 4-28Episode 4

A baseball episode? Sure, why not?

Angel Beats! Ep. 5-25Episode 5

You can mess with her grades but taking her dinner? That’s crossing the line.

Angel Beats! Ep. 6-29Episode 6

This show truly didn’t deserve to be single cour.

Angel Beats! Ep. 7-9Episode 7

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