Angel Beats!

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Episode 1

My Heart, This Anime.

Episode 2

This episode has some of funniest moments but also one of the darkest. That’s Angel Beats! for you.

Episode 3

One of my favorite characters in one of my favorite episodes of the show.

Episode 4

A baseball episode? Sure, why not.

Episode 5

You can mess with her grades but taking her dinner? That’s crossing the line.

Episode 6

This show truly didn’t deserve to be single cour.

Episode 7

Dang it, Angel Beats!

Episode 8

Were it not for the stabbing, a bunch of Kanades doesn’t sound so bad.

Episode 9

This episode has one of my favorite moments in all of Angel Beats!.

Episode 10

I can’t help but be moved by the montage at this episode’s ending.

Episode 11

Those wings are nice, to be fair…

Episode 12

I will say this: shooting computers has never looked so badass.

Episode 13

However I feel about Angel Beats!, it’ll always be an anime that’s quite dear to me. 

Another Epilogue

I personally prefer to think this is an alternate ending.


Just when you think these guys couldn’t get wilder…


There wasn’t enough of Girls Dead Monster in Angel Beats!.