Cells at Work!

Title (Japanese): はたらく細胞 (Hataraku Saibou)
Title (English): Cells at Work!
Studio: David Production
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 13 (+Special)
Streaming: Crunchyroll
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Cells at Work Ep. 1-5Episode 1

Where was this show in my high school biology class?

Cells at Work Ep. 2-5Episode 2

When you get a cut, do yourself a favor: think of the children. Think of the platelets.

Cells at Work Ep. 3-5Episode 3

Not enough platelets. 0/10.

Cells at Work Ep. 4-2Episode 4

You know anime has a weird influence on you if you want to give your cells a hug.

Cells at Work Ep. 5-3Episode 5

On that day, the cells received a grim reminder…

Cells at Work Ep. 6-3Episode 6

Little Erythrocyte and Neutrophil aren’t Platelets but they’re close on the moe scale. Very close.

Cells at Work Ep. 7-4Episode 7

FINALLY, A NEW PLATELET SCENE! Oh and I guess this fight with Cancer is cool too.

Cells at Work Ep. 8-1Episode 8

Map reading intensifies.

Cells at Work Ep. 9-6Episode 9

Time for some more T Cell hijinks.

Cells at Work Ep. 10-2Episode 10

Thumbs up for a solid episode…and more Platelets.

Cells at Work Ep. 11-4Episode 11

In hindsight, one of us should’ve made a bingo game out of the many health problems this body would run into.

Cells at Work Ep. 12-5Episode 12

The only thing worse than being bad at your job is needing to teach it to an underling.

Cells at Work Ep. 13-4Episode 13

If I’m ever on the verge of death, I’m going to think back to this episode.

Cells at Work Ep. 14-3Episode 14 (Special)

It’s just a prank, guys.

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