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Episode 1

Oh hey, a badminton anime. You don’t see that very often.

Episode 2

Giving Nagisa character development now was the smart thing to do.

Episode 3

Yay, Elena. My favorite character of all time.

Episode 4

We just met one rival with a hate crush for Ayano and now there’s another one?

Episode 5

Sometimes, I get this impression that “Hanebado!” isn’t keenly aware of how fragile its own protagonist is mentally.

Episode 6

You’re focusing on the wrong character, Hanebado!.

Episode 7

Wait, who was I supposed to root for?

Episode 8

Oh yeah, Nagisa is a relevant character…

Episode 9

Only one of us can love Wei-Wei…

Episode 10

So much for Uchika’s screentime.

Episode 11

I must admit that I have softened my opinion of Elena as time went on.

Episode 12

You had one job, Hanebado!.

Episode 13

I actually enjoyed this finale a fair amount though maybe that’s because this anime has run out of ways to botch its storyline.